Week Ending 1/14/2023

Put your totals for the week here!

I’ve been doing good so far this year but this week I did have a friend gift me four skeins of mohair that will eventually be a Souffle sweater but for now is -8. Nothing finished this week. I’m getting close to done on the Pierre Shawl by Stephen West.

WTD: -8 MTD: -27 YTD: -27

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I used 2 skeins but spun up another one so.

W/E 1/14 +2
YTD -34

I finished a shawl this afternoon, so minus 3 and a half skeins for me.

+4 week (used a skein plus tossed 2 balls)
+6 ytd

I haven’t added or used up any skeins so far this week (or last week) so I am at…

Wtd 0

Is this three and a half skeins, which would be a +7 score. Every full skein is a + or - 2 and a half skein is + or -1

Skeins used up get the positive score, skeins brought in get the negative score. So for this challenge you want a positive score.
here is a link to how we count things (a bit confusion I know, but we are here to help you figure it out)

Thanks for the explanation, I had been looking for it but couldn’t find it. I definitely want to continue on this MAL as I need more yarn like I need a hole in my head. I do have a question, in the spring the knitter’s guild has a yarn swap, and I’ve already boxed up yarn to take to it. Does that count towards this or not?

Yarn out counts, not matter how it leaves, donated, trashed or burnt!! My stash quite often serves as the "yarn store " for my 2 crafting granddaughters.