Week Ending 08/27/ 2022

Post your results for week ending 8/27/22 here, also it is the last Saturday of the month so post your Year to Date results also.

Purchased 12 skeins to make halloween hats for my daughter’s family -24
Used 3 skeins on hats +6

Week Ending 8/27 -18
Year to Date -582

Today I received a donation of yarn so i can make blankets. ( 32 skeins) Which takes away all my positive points for the year. Leaving me with zero.

Wtd. -64

I worked late and forgot to post. I made a small purchase at Hobby Lobby (-4) and finished the Book Reader’s Blanket (+12).

WTD = +8
YTD = -735

@crosstitchlinda I woke up this morning with two questions.

  1. Is it really only 2 points for a whole skein? (I have a vague memory of it being 4points…)
  2. Does the ‘shopper’ of the week still make the totals post? Or are you doing that?

Thanks for help…brain fog this morning…lol.

It is still only 2 points for a full skein. And the Shoot the moon winner should post, but I do it if no one has by Monday night.