Week Ending 08/08/2020

Post your score for the week - 08/02/2020 - 08/081/2020

I had a productive week, completed two shawls, a pair of socks and a hat. No purchases this week.

[SIZE=18px]WTD + 8[/SIZE]

A pretty good week here too

[SIZE=22px]WE 8/8 +6 YTD +168[/SIZE]

Made absolutely nothing this week. I donated a ton so the 30 balls (yes, you read that right) of cream stylecraft special dk did not impact my number negatively. It’s all for the battenburg blanket, although I may have overestimated by quite a lot. I’m not good at math (ha). Also, the yarn I donated wasn’t being used for years now and have decided to embrace being a bit snobby on my yarn choices. I realize Stylecraft isn’t really snobby, but it’s far better than the yarn I gave away.

WTD +10

No yarn purchased no yarn used.

zero for the third week!

I acquired 3 new skeins this week and only finished off 1 so I’m at -4 for the week.

I finished baby hoodie ( 511 g) and sweater ( 222 g) . And bought 1 ball for embroidery project
WTD +12

[SIZE=14px]WTD: -12, YTD: +113 WE 8/8[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px]I received 7 beautiful skeins of yarn, and used 1 skein on Tunisian crochet dishcloth. :fk:[/SIZE]

Oh dear! I believe I’m going for a ride this week. I can’t complain about being so very blessed by my loving yarn angel. :heartpulse:
Those dancing shoes are starting to make my feet ache.


Oh my, I’m drooling!!

Oh my gosh! Put on those dancing shoes! You will have such fun with all that bounty :blush::blush:

May as well get this over with & move on with my day. This challenge should have the disclaimer: “Don’t be like TexasPurl”.

I started the week pretty well. I gave away 7 skeins & used up 2 skeins in the Bag Lady tote. +18. Then the doorbell rang…-190

[SIZE=20px]WTD -172[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18px]:musical_note::notes::musical_note: Fly me to the moon… :high_heel::dancer:[/SIZE]

I think we’re going to have to get you bigger dancing shoes!

Woah, Nelly! That’s a lot of goodness right there.