Week Ending 07/31/2021

[B]Post your score for the week: 07/25/2021 - 07/31/2021

Post both WTD & YTD scores![/B]

I’m not likely to finish anymore skeins today so I’ll just go ahead and post. I finished a bag and started another this week.


I didn’t get much done this week, but I did use up some yarn on a pair of socks and a hat.

[SIZE=18px]WTD + 4, YTD - 65[/SIZE]

Zero :slight_smile:

YTD +417

At least my score isn’t getting any worse!

WTD 0 YTD -372

I’ll post now

[SIZE=20px]W/E 7/31 -2 (one skein in from a fiber club)
YTD +104

Next week may have a lot incoming as I hope to get to a Detroit area yarn store while we are in town. I need more fixation yarn for baby socks and I would like some cascade 220 superwash or some Shepherd’s Wool from Stonehedge Farms (A MI wool producer)

Finished my crazy handspun sweater last night, and I am claiming my finished yarns from Spin de Fleece and this sweater, which has me at +5 now.

[SIZE=22px]WE 7/31 (-14) YTD (+5)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]WTD: 4, YTD: +14 WE 7/31[/SIZE]
[SIZE=16px]Two skeins used.[/SIZE]

I actually acquired a couple of new skeins this week! First stash change of any kind in months.
WTD +4
YTD -48

got a few projects finished, so I am +7 for the week … -23 ytd.

I finished a few small things, and a yarn order came in.

WTD = -7, YTD = -454

No FOs
YTD +62

And I posted this went. Lol It should be -4 not +4. The YTD is correct though. I went from -44 to -48.