Week Ending 06/27/2020

Post your score for the week - 06/21/2020 - 06/27/2020

It’s the last Saturday of the month! Post both WTD & YTD scores this week. :fk:

I’ll post now too, don’t think I’ll finish any more skeins.
[SIZE=20px]WTD 0 YTD +144[/SIZE]

I actually finished up 2 skeins, but my fiber club came and it had 2 skeins in it this month. (a coordinated set for socks)

[SIZE=16px]WTD: +1, YTD: +111 WE 6/27[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px]I made another rectangle for the Fiberkind blanket and started a C2C blanket.:fk:[/SIZE]

Although productive, my stashbusting week was not the greatest. Several WIP’s but only one item completed, a cape. I purchased 5 new hanks from Char’s yarn shop.

1 completed cape, +3. 5 purchased, -10

[SIZE=18px]WTD = - 7, YTD = + 141[/SIZE]

Hello! I have been crocheting some this week, sold some yarn to mom for her Sophia blanket, and warped my loom (which I was able to use a bunch of cones with not a lot left on them).

Well, I also bought a roving piece for the Spin de Fleece - so I guess that goes back two. Oh well, it will disappear before too long again!

WTD: +18; YTD -248

Well this week was pretty good. I’m not sure exactly how many washcloths I made because I just added them to the gift stack. I used up a good bit of yarn, though. I also made the dungarees by Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits but haven’t seamed it, yet because I haven’t actually made the wee elephant that’s going to wear it and I want to make sure the little straps fit over his shoulders.
WTD +10
YTD +141

This week I finished 2 squares for blanket (+4) and a lion (+6)

WTD +10, YTD +79

I did more Covid shopping. To support my LYS. A Universal Yarn kit. With 3 Bamboo Pop colors. -6
I have been working on several things. This week I think I will just enter in the yarn I have purchased…laziness is preventing me from rising up out of this chair to calculate how much of each skein I have used. I will enter them in when the WIPs are finished this time.
WTD -6
YTD +20

I think I’ll get this posted now. Who knows if I’ll remember later. It was a wonderful week. I used 3 skeins on dishcloths for Mom. Then a surprise box came in from my yarn angel! Lots of pretties! Forever grateful! :dancer::dancer::dancer::notes::musical_note: :rocket::waning_gibbous_moon:

[B][SIZE=18px]WTD -38 YTD-426


Ohhh - please let me know what you think it through Cotton Flair and the cotton light. I’ve been wondering. :slight_smile:

@Char I’ve used a lot of both the Cotton Flair and the Cotton Light and really like them both. No splitting for either; the Light has more of a sheen than the Flair but they both hold up wonderfully after years of use. If you try them, watch for the Drops clearance/Premier sales and I think you’ll find they’re more than worth the cost.

@pinesprairie - is it good for towels and such? I wasn’t sure if it was absorbent or not. :slight_smile:

@Char I probably wouldn’t go with either of these for towels - they both are only about half cotton and half either acrylic or polyester so not what I would consider absorbent. I’m basing that on the fact I prefer 100% (or close) cotton for my towels though.

@pinesprairie - I agree wholeheartedly! Thank you for the input!