Week Ending 04/24/2021

Post your score for the week: 04/18/2021 - 04/24/2021

Include WTD & YTD numbers as it’s the last Saturday of the month. :fk:

I have been working on a blanket.

WTD = +10
YTD = -83

Well, I ordered yarn this week. 10 skeins for hats; But I put 3 skeins into a sweater, so net gain of 7 skeins

[SIZE=22px]WTD -14
YTD +56[/SIZE]

I have been on a roll finally finishing some very old WIPS while I was on vacation from work and also on a break from school. Now I’m back at work and productivity has come to a crawl. That hasn’t stopped me from ordering more than two sweater quantities of yarn in 50g ball increments. Soon I’m going into the negative but not this week.

I finished a pair of Vanilla Latte socks +2, Morning Coffee Socks +5, gifted a friend some leftovers +2, and received a one skein purchase -2 for a grand total of +7 for the week!

WTD +7, YTD +30




Love the socks.

I used a couple of skeins and I also bought some yarn to make a sweater I’ve promised my daughter.
[SIZE=16px]WTD -12
YTD -34

I made a purchase and it all came in this week. Still, I finished three amigurumi projects and started a pillow.
[SIZE=20px]WTD -6
YTD +93[/SIZE]

0 all the way this week.

Yarn arrived this week, so I am sitting at 9 in and 1 out (-18 +2 = -16 for the week)! Must.Knit.Faster.

[SIZE=18px]WTD = -16
YTD = -25[/SIZE]

Crafters! I am on the west coast of Canada, so I will back my time in the morning to tally and post the Weekly Standings!!

I finished a pair of socks (used 2 ball 25 g each + 2 ends)
WTD +6
YTD +77

Still stitching a little at a time.

WTD +4 YTD -162

So - I think that means I am a +126 this week :slight_smile:

No worries, I personally am busy on Sunday mornings so don’t get to look much until the afternoon.

@DJM thank you! I’ve been on a real sock kick lately.

Another week of 0. Working on a lot of little projects.:smirk:

Oh my gosh, I’m going to be dancing! I just shopped at Char’s LYS, and bought a whopping 63 hanks/skeins of yarn from her! I’m sure Char’s stashbusting numbers will look a whole lot better this week :grinning::grinning:

I finished two pair of socks :socks: for a +4

Yarn purchases are a -126

[SIZE=18px]WTD = -122, YTD = -38[/SIZE]

And here I thought I’d be dancing this week!! Thanks for saving me !

I’m envious!!

oh wow !!