Week Ending 04/10/2021

Post your score for the week: 04/04/2021 - 04/10/2021

Two yarn orders came in this week so I purged my stash once again to avoid getting into a deep hole. I may end up having more negative scores as I build my stash up with quality yarns. Lovecrafts is my new downfall. I got berroco vintage in many colors and some sheepish for an amigurumi project which I may duplicate because it’s so cute.

YTD 88


He is so cute.

I am at 0 out, 0 in for the week.

WTD = 0

I also have 0 for the week!

I used up 3 skeins, but a neighbor brought over 6 skeins of #20 thread. She found them at an estate sale and thought of me. She paid $5 for all. I was happy to pay her the $5!

WTD -6

I finished a pair of socks which used a partial skein and I used up an entire skein on a Ranunculus sweater. No yarns purchased or spinning finished this week.

WTD +3, YTD +18



Very pretty.

@DJM thank you!

No change this week even though I’ve done a lot of knitting every day. I’m rotating projects so I’m making progress on each but finishing nothing. I suspect I’ll finish off several skeins next week.
WTD - 0

Used up 3 of the mini’s I received as a gift last week …

[SIZE=22px]+ 3[/SIZE]

So pretty

Beautiful socks!

I finished jumper (400g) +8 and gave away some yarn (+18)
WTD +26

WTD another 0.

Okay, it looks like I am staying up here on the moon. Project needs + sales = Moon Shot.

WTD = -38
YTD = Ouch!

@Natalia thank you! I’m enjoying the Christmas colors even in April, lol.


late post. Just for my own info.

Zero skeins used
Zero skeins bought.

wtd 0

Beautiful work on the sweater, and the socks look great, too!