Week Ending 04/03/2021

Post your score for the week: 03/28/2021 - 04/03/2021

Although I have been playing with yarn every day…

zero bought
zero used up.


[size=24px]we 4/3 +2
ytd +68[/size]

I got my yarn subscription and also ordered some yarn for a lace cardigan that’s perfect for spring that @qfknit posted on the free patterns page. Now if I can focus on getting it done before the heat of summer sets in. But it will be a great Fall cardy too. :wink:
WTD: -12

Still moving forward!

WTD +6

For others who may want to take a peek at the pattern, it is posted here -

Four scarves (two using up leftovers), a baby afghan and a pair of socks. No incoming yarn this week.

[SIZE=18px]WTD = +15[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]WTD = +3[/SIZE]

{finished 3 partial skeins making wee flowers for a flower ball}

Well, I received a SPEW - so I actually have a minus for the first time! A little sad for the negtive, but new yarn is always welcome right? :slight_smile: And I do love the yarn I received, so I guess I can live with the negative! I received 1 full skein and 5 minis.

[SIZE=22px]WTD -7, YTD +71[/SIZE]

I made a purchase, used some, but ended up…


[size=18px]wtd: +0, ytd: +34 we 4/3[/size]

I bought some yarn for a challenge (-36) and managed to use up some but not enough (+6), so I guess I am headed to the moon this week.

WTD = -30, YTD = -45

Hope I’m not late with posting WTD 0

thank you ! I so did not want to be the “shoot the moon” lol … I’m grateful for you ! :slight_smile: