Week Ending 03/21/2020

Post your score for the week - 03/15/2020 - 03/21/2020

I think I’ll post early so I don’t forget:
WTD +6 YTD +58

[SIZE=20px]It’s Saturday! Post your scores before the end of the day![/SIZE]

[SIZE=20px]Week ending 3/21 +8 YTD +84[/SIZE]

Umm, uh-oh!

I used 3 skeins & rolled 4 balls on the C2C blanket this week. I also received 6 cute little mini-skeins of sock yarn & my yarn angel sent a box that arrived this morning with 31 skeins in it. Phew! I call that an awesome week! ♪♫♪ Fly me to the moon… ♪♫♪

[SIZE=16px][B]WTD -64



I’m drooling!!!

[SIZE=16px]WTD: +3, YTD: +71 WE 3/21[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]I finished my asymmetrical shawlette and used one more skeins of thread. I started another shawl, however didn’t make much progress on it.[/SIZE]

I used or otherwise liquidated 7 skeins (+14) and used up an additional 8 balls (+8), wound one more leftover into a ball (+1)

And I am the lucky recipient of 15 balls of cotton from @knitter131 (-30)

[SIZE=24px]WTD -7[/SIZE]

hoping for a good week next week!!! Although I did order a few skeins of cream for my battenberg blanket. Not sure if it’s ETA.

I used 1/2 a skein (+1)
Bought 3 skeins (-6) Shelter in house emergency stash.
(ytd 29-5)

[SIZE=16px]WTD -5
YTD +24[/SIZE]

I finished just one skein this week! What with a cold and an increased homeschool-mom-work-at-home schedule, that was all I managed. I am this close to finishing the shawl I’m working on! I am happy thath I can see the stash just barely beginning to disappear – or really, be transformed is more like it!

Oh I love the transformed comment!!

This week I wasn’t as productive, as I was still on medication post op and I did more frogging than completing. Finally I am off the pain meds and amazingly I’m able to follow a simple pattern :grinning:. So next week should be better. This week I completed 2 scarves and a pair of socks. (+5), gave away cotton yarn (+30) and received 4 new balls of yarn (-8)

[SIZE=18px] WTD = +27, YTD = +16[/SIZE]

Glad to hear things are improving for you!!!

Yes, very much improved, thanks!

Great week! Glad you’re off the pain meds too!

Gorgeous!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. You do have an awesome yarn angel.