Week Ending 03/06/2020

Post your score for the week: 02/28/2021 - 03/06/2021

Ytd 4

nothing bought. nothing used.

I probably won’t finish anything else today so…

[SIZE=24px]WE 3/6 +6
YTD +44[/SIZE]

I got a big shipment in this week from lovecrafts, but I decided I would donate quite a few balls of yarn, too. Being honest with myself about what yarn I will actually use, so I got rid of balls of sock yarn and leftovers of many skeins.

[SIZE=22px]WTD +25
YTD +95[/SIZE]

I finished some scarves this week, but didn’t finish too many skeins. Maybe better next week.

[SIZE=18px]WTD = + 4[/SIZE]

I finished a pair of socks for my husband, but didn’t finish the ball ( it’s going to be baby socks next week). And I finally finished a cardigan for my older son (+8)
WTD +8

Nothing finished and nothing purchased this week.

WTD 0, YTD +15

[size=16px]wtd: +4, ytd: +30 we 3/6[/size]

Hello! I received some pearl cotton I ordered 3 weeks ago & used another spool of thread on the wedding shawl.

[SIZE=24px]WTD -4[/SIZE]

[size=14px]wtd= +6; ytd= +77 [/size]

[size=18px]wtd +2[/size]

I purchased yarn for a test knit, had an extra skein jump into my arms, and I used a skein finishing my giant shawl.

WTD = -4