Week Ending 02/15/2020

[SIZE=14px]Post your score for the week - 02/09/2020 - 02/15/2020[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]It’s Saturday again!

Get your last minute stitching in & post your scores before the end of the day! :yarn:[/SIZE]

Week ending 2/15

[SIZE=18px]wtd +4 Ytd +38[/SIZE]

I also will not finish anymore skeins today. My yarn purchase from Goodwill is well worth my increase in stash this week. I completed a lot, used up all of my worsted leftovers and a lot of DK weight, some cotton yarn and a bit of fingering.

[SIZE=16px]WTD. -27[/SIZE]

This week I just finished 1 pair of socks for my baby (+3 as I used the leftovers).

WTD +3, YTD +29

[SIZE=14px]A little more than last week, making good progress.[B] :fk:

WTD: +4, YTD: +43[/B][/SIZE]

Been too busy playing with granddaughter on her first birthday. Might go Sunday, we’ll see. No will power to speak of

I keep thinking surely I will use up a skein at some point.

but alas

Zero points

hoping for a better week next week!

I, too, have not used a skein this week, but started two, so I hope next week will be better. [SIZE=14px]0 Points [/SIZE]for the week!

Did you not have an opportunity to go shopping or did you use pure will power to restrain yourself? :grin: Great week!

Pretty sure I won’t finish out a skein today.
My blessing are abundant. I’ll take the hit to my stash. I hope I can pay it forward in a manner that’s worthy. :two_hearts:

[SIZE=16px]WTD -72[/SIZE]

Moonwalk songs are running through my head right now… LOL

We’ll see. Everyone hasn’t posted yet! But you’re probably right. I need an MJ outfit. And a sparkly glove. :star_struck: