Week Ending 02/12/2022

Post your score for the week: 02/06/2022 - 02/12/2022

Finished a project.
Used a whole skein and finished up a skein. (I had not entered in partial credit)

WTD +4

Used up 2 skeins but my Loopy Ewe order arrived 6 skeins

W/E 2/12 -8

YTD +14

I ended up even this week. I acquired some yarn from a dear DIL, and completed a couple of scarves, and a hat.


I used up several skeins and received a gorgeous one in the mail.
WTD +5

Wtd +2

Wtd = 0

I finished one crochet toy
WTD +4

I finished a small project (+2), made progress on a larger project (+2), and started another basket/bag (+10). I also received my very first skein of Gnome Acres yarn as an Along prize (-2).

WTD = +12

Wtd = 0

To whoever is totalling I changed my post above, I had reported + instead of -

Thanks … I"m off to tally up the week now!