Week Ending 02/06/2021

Post your score for the week: 01/31/2021 - 02/06/2021

I doubt I’ll finish anything off tomorrow and I’m guessing I’m going to go three weeks in a row shooting the moon. I am digging quite a little hole here at the beginning of the year. Lol
[SIZE=16px]WTD -24[/SIZE]

Finished a pound of yarn. WTD +2. YTD +36

Didn’t use up any yarn, but I didn’t shop either

A good week for me, finally finished up some small balls

[SIZE=24px]WE 2/6 +10
YTD +16[/SIZE]

I finished off 3 partials in charity items.

WTD = +3

I managed to get a hot spot, I’m way up in the mountains of Ga right now. It was a pretty good week:

[SIZE=24px]WTD +6
YTD +45[/SIZE]

This year my crafting time has been very limited. I didn’t finish or buy anything this week.

WTD 0, YTD +9

I finished a hat for boy (+2) and mittens for husband (+4)
WTD +6

[SIZE=20px]WTD: +4, YTD: +16 WE 2/6 :fk:[/SIZE]

I haven’t had the focus to work on the wedding shawl, but I started an easy little lap throw.

WTD +2


Very nice.

Did she say easy???

I love that!

Wtd +2
used one skein this week. :yarn:

made some progress this week, but only used up two small minis -

[SIZE=20px]wtd +2, ytd +48[/SIZE]

It’s pretty.

I won’t finish anything else this week,
so I’ll post this today. Finished a lap afghan and a charity scarf, both made with sock yarn leftovers. A great stashbisting week :grinning:

[SIZE=20px]WTD +18[/SIZE]

I have a +6 this week… Still sewing. These are give aways. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

WTD +6

I am out of town and didn’t bring all of my projects with me, but didn’t use a lot of yarn on any one thing, working on 3 different socks, my FairIsle sweater, and my scrappy blanket and did a good amount of spinning on Friday! I did receive a gift of yarn this week (-2), so maybe by next week I’ll have some yardage to report.:hugs:
[SIZE=12px]WTD ending 2/6/21. (-2). YtD. +13[/SIZE] [HR][/HR]