Week Ending 02/05/2022

Post your score for the week: 01/30/2022 - 02/05/2022

A good week for me. I forgot how much faster I can go through yarn with crochet than knitting especially since I tend to knit with smaller gauge yarns.
WTD +10

W/e 2/5 +6
ytd +20

I’m working on swatches for a TKGA correspondence course. Didn’t finish any skeins this week.


Wtd +2

I bought 3 skeins. Gave away 3 and a hook.

Sold some cotton skeins.


1 skein finished, and 12 skeins arrived.

WTD = -22

Oops, I forgot to post last night. I worked on multiple projects during the week.

WTD = +18

In time for me to tally!!

Week +4
used up a skein on my “bengals playoff” stole and my February ufo pullover
forgot to post last week so ytd +16
:tiger2: :ram: