Week Ending 01/30/21

Please post your progress here.

Char Edit:
This week we’ll post both weekly and YTD scores!

Thanks :wink:

Wtd +8
ytd -7

It has been a very slow week here. I used up leftovers from two balls of yarn that was originally socks, which I crocheted into my hexagon puff stitch blanket +2. I love it for using up scraps. Then I decided it would be a good idea to start a Vivid blanket by TinCanKnits so I purchased three skeins of natural colored Fisherman’s Wool by LionBrand -6. I’m enjoying the rustic qualities of this yarn.

WTD -4, YTD +9


I used up more scraps and finished the battenberg this week and started a new smaller one with leftovers. I have a bag of yarn ready to donate but I won’t post it as a plus until I actually drive it to the donation center.
[SIZE=20px]WTD +10
YTD +39[/SIZE]

I’ve been working on a couple of larger projects, nothing finished yet. I’ve used up a lot of sock leftovers, but I will post all of the numbers next week when it’s finished.

[SIZE=20px]WTD 0, YTD +5[/SIZE]

WTD -2

Finished 1 skein practicing a new stitch pattern.

I used 3 skeins totally up
[SIZE=28px]WE 1/30 +6

I used up a ball this week. +1

WTD: +1, YTD +8

Very nice square. I love how the knit square matches exactly to the blocking foam ! :slight_smile:

I worked on some socks this week, but not finished yet. I also started hotpad/dishcloth set … used up 1 skein for the hot pads, started into the 2nd skein, but won’t finish it today, so I am

[SIZE=18px]wtd +2 and ytd +46.[/SIZE]

Instead of finishing the rabbit and mittens, I was cross stitching a lot. So WTD 0 YTD +12

[SIZE=18px]WTD: +2, YTD: +12 WE 1/30 :fk:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]Finished one skein on my stashbuster granny square blanket[/SIZE][SIZE=12px] !![/SIZE]

I sort of got obsessed with my Scrappy Randomness Blanket this week! No acquisitions
Week Ending 1/30/21 (+7) Year (+15)

I received a notification that a $10 reward at Michaels was about to expire, and when I arrived at the store, I discovered that yarn was on sale. -8 I also finished a couple projects. +4

WTD = -4, YTD = -27

@Spice2s it just came out perfectly that way, which makes it very easy to block all the squares to the same size!

I bought some yarn on sale this week. I got a great discount on some undyed from Dyer Supplier so I can do some more experiments with hand dyed. And I got some Bernat Baby yarn for a baby blanket design I’ve been rolling around in my brain. I also used up a couple of skeins and, sadly, had to throw away a couple of skeins that were damaged by rodents or something. I was planning to make my test knit sweater from that yarn and now I don’t have enough. :sob: I already committed to the test knit so I’m off to Tulsa to find something on clearance I hope!
[SIZE=16px]WTD - 6
YTD -35