Week Ending 01/25/2020

[B]Post your score for the week - 01/19/2020 - 01/25/2020

Please post YTD scores as well.[/B]


[SIZE=22px]WTD +12 Ytd +20[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]If I finish anything else I’ll come back and edit.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=20px]WTD -42, YTD -8[/SIZE]

Scarves are made with leftover sock yarn (1 strand) and mostly leftover acrylic lace (1 strand). I have now depleated my acrylic leftovers (YAY!). I moved on to DK weight, used one full and 2 leftovers for scarves and two hats. Now working off my worsted stash down to nothing. Completed 5 scarves, 3 hats and 1 dishcloth.
Yarn used from stash this week was a plus 22
Yarn added to my stash (10 skeins Regia Design Line), is well worth the minus 20 points. This leaves me with a plus 2 for the week.

Oh my! I’ve just added 20 skeins of “I love this Cotton” and 2 skeins of KNIT Picks. Revised above, I’m sure.this will put me over the moon!!! This leaves me with a score of -42 week to date and a year to date total of -8. Updated above numbers. I shall get busy making dish cloths and towels!

Wtd +1 (used one ball)
ytd used 6 and purchased 4: +6 -2(4) = 6-8 = -2
this includes a correction from earlier I had the negative and positive point scoring confused, but I think I have the formula right now.

Hi all!

I only used a couple of balls this week on shelter mats. I used almost all my little bits & pieces in my leftover bin. Most of that was counted as a whole skein when it was used.

I finished Part 3 of the Spice Market & I have a secret project in the works!

[SIZE=18px]WTD +2 YTD +27[/SIZE]

Have a Happy week! :fk:

I think you should get a bonus of +50 for completely depleting your stash!

Ohhhh - secret projects. Those are always fun! :slight_smile:

Actually, @lovestostitch, I depleted my acrylic leftovers, still have wool socks yarn leftovers to get through. And lots of new skeins… Just using up my leftovers.

[SIZE=16px]I had a decent week. I started a blanket for my brother in Northern Washington[/SIZE]. :fk:

[SIZE=18px]WTD: +10, YTD: +25[/SIZE]

I’m quite surprised, as I thought I would be Shoot the Moon Winner this week. I bought 3 cones of T-shirt yarn and got a prize skein, so -8. But I also finished a pair of sock, which gives me +4, as I used 1 whole ball and started 2 others (each ball is 25 g).

WTD: -4, YTD: +14

I received two skeins from Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club (-4), but I used that yarn all up (+4). I did get 3 balls of yarn from a lovely yarn shop in Omaha during the first week of January, so I’ll include those in my YTD totals.

[SIZE=14px]WTD: 0 YTD: +6[/SIZE]

Whoops - I forgot to update last night!! Hopefully I can check in a little tardy.

Wtd: +25; Ytd +40

I didn’t finish a lot, but mom went “shopping” in my stash, which helped offset my purchases this week. :slight_smile:

I did finish a few skeins and balls with dishcloths, shower mitts, and started a quick crochet blanket. Work should be settling down for me, and crafting time should be picking up. Yay!

I know that I am late, I am joining in from over at Fiberocity. They are having problems with being able to post. Any way here is my score .
WTD +2 YTD -16

We are happy to have you here. :slight_smile: what is your craft of choice?

Welcome @hfenenga! We’re happy you’ve joined us! I’ll update this week’s scores.

Char, I mostly knit, but I dabble in several other crafts.

Would love to see photos! :slight_smile: