Week Ending 01/23/2021

Hope I’m not overstepping - but thought it might help if I started this thread. :slight_smile:

[SIZE=12px]Post your score here for the week 1/17/21 - 1/23/21.[/SIZE]

Not at all! Thanks for starting it! :fk:

I finished a skein in a shawl. Only 3 more to go before the shawl is completed.

ETA: I used up two partials finishing a scrap lovey and starting another.

Updated WTD = +4

Well… between 18 balls of Softee Chunky my daughter sent for Ryley’s sweater and 2 Knitcrate gift subs, I may be doing the crazy Gramma dance this week. At least I used up 3 balls so far in the sweater!
[SIZE=16px]WTD -34[/SIZE]

I completed a shawl (+1), a 3-color cowl (+3), and a pair of fingerless mitts (+1). Char’s Yarn Shop had a deal I couldn’t pass up, some sock yarn partials I am using for a mitered square afghan (-7).

[SIZE=18px]WTD - 2[/SIZE]

+7 for the week after handing over yarn to
mom for her Afghan :slight_smile:

I had 2 club subscriptions arrive -8, used 2 balls in a scarf and a sweater +6

[SIZE=28px]WTD -2

WTD +2

I finished a baby blanket for my neighbor and resisted the urge to go anywhere yarn was being sold. whew…that was difficult. ( i have no idea what my ytd numbers are. Maybe after my new computer glasses get here I will be able to sort it all out)

I had another great week until…I went to Hobby Lobby. Did you know they have merino in beautiful colorways? Anyhoo, I used up 12 but purchased 8 so:

[SIZE=20px]WTD +4
YTD +29[/SIZE]

I made a couple of baby hats this week using some scrap balls. I also put a few mini-skeins in my memory blankets. (I’m counting mini-skins as a partial, since they are only 10g or so. )

Anyway … it was a good week for me!

[SIZE=16px]+12 this week.[/SIZE]

I finished two old wips, pairs of socks, and used up two skeins completely and two partial for +6. I finished spinning one skein of handspun and got my KnitCrate box for -4, total is +2 for the week!

WTD +2, YTD +13





I finished a boy’s jumper (300g) this week
WTD +12

[SIZE=18px]WTD: +4[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]Finished two more skeins on my granny square blanket.[/SIZE][SIZE=18px]:fk:[/SIZE]

WTD +8,
ytd -15

made some slippers for a surprise for my sister which used up some scrap balls. Also finished one sweater, and one sleeve on another sweater this week, plus a hat.

@KnitsWithHorses oh yes! She’s always close by. If she had her way she’d be under my WIP but I just can’t handle that much dog hair on my projects. You wouldn’t think such a small dog could have SO much hair, lol.

Oh I would believe it! If you see white hair on me and my knitting and everything I own it’s from my daughters Pekihuahua, Gadget. Lol

I fell behind and missed my chance to document on 1-16-2021. Sooooo here’s my update for then up to the date of the 23rd.
1-16. Bought 5 skeins of yarn and finished 2 balls. Total for that week =+8. YTD=33
For the week of he 23rd, used up 1 ball and donated 1 skein. My total was +3. YTD = 36

Now for this week. I used up a pound of black yarn. I bought 2 pounds of black yarn. I’m making a large Thin Blue Line Blanket. I’m almost at a halfway point.
WTD= 2 YTD 34. Went in the wrong direction but still in the black.

About a pound and a half here. Started this on 1/14/21. I don’t get much time to crochet but I do my best. 200 chains. Double crochet for a streamline look.


Cute pup. Have you made your fur baby any thing in yarn yet?