Week Ending 01/18/2020

[h=2][SIZE=16px]Post your score for the week - 01/12/2020 - 01/18/2020[/SIZE][/h]

Week -6

@Sjuly - Hi! Just making sure you want to post your score just yet. You have until Saturday @ midnight to use up more stash and post your scores. Happy to have you with us!

[SIZE=14px]My numbers don’t necessarily show it, but I had a good week. I finished a knitted doily & made 3 more shelter mats.

WTD +2

Have a happy week! :fk:[/SIZE]

I had a good week. I finished more dish clothes and worked on a stashbuster blanket I started last year. :fk:[SIZE=16px][B]

WTD: +11, YTD: +15[/B][/SIZE]

I had a quite productive week. I almost finished the white cardigan and dress. In total I used over 300 g of white and dark blue yarn.

WTD +6 YTD +18

Sneaks in and posts a -2 and leaves with her head bowed. :stuck_out_tongue:

@TexasPurl - are the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the weekly scores or cumulative scores?

It couldn’t be because you’ve been working 24/7, could it???

@knitter131 - might be. I do sleep a few hours daily though. And I have been working on the test knit. Lol

Medals are earned weekly and a separate announcement will be made for YTD scores monthly.

Next Saturday will be the last Saturday of the month - Everyone should submit YTD scores with their weekly scores. I’ll make a reminder post mid-week.

Well I feel like I haven’t been productive in here, but it’s not true LOL,
I actually gained no points this week, and since I haven’t posted yet at all I have caked up 1 yarn and completed 1 pair of socks, so that’s only +2 for ytd so far, and then I got to spend my husbands bonus check this week, which got me -20 lol, so I guess that’s going to get me the shoot the moon score, but I can’t do score updates on Sundays at all

wtd= -20 ytd= -18
I think I did that right…

Well, I totally spaced reporting in yesterday. I’ll just start again for next week. Somehow Saturday got away from me!!

I realized I had made a mistake listing my score as -1. You and I were both 0 this week so I added your score when I corrected mine. It is nice to have company in the “no progress” category. I did knit! I just didn’t use up any balls. I need to gather up all the little scrappy balls I have and knit some scrappy socks. Since you get +1 for every ball you use up, I could get lots of points for one pair of socks.

Actually the o score is to start this week (I keep track as I use up balls) My score for the week was actually +6. But as I said, don’t worry about it I wasn’t the one who used most or gained the most so it’s all good!

:frowning: So I’m all alone in the zero category again.

Well, you can leave me there since I was late reporting :slight_smile:

You actually tied with Natalia for Bronze but since you reported late, I just added you to making progress.

Wtd +4, ytd +8

I’ve had a great stashbusting week, working through a large number of leftover balls as well as some new ones. This week I completed six scarves, 3 ear warmers, a pair of socks and a shawlette.

I will have some new yarn coming probably next week, so my numbers won’t be as good :blush:

[SIZE=20px]WTD: +23, YTD: +32[/SIZE]