Week Ending 01/16/2021

Post your score for the week: 01/10/2021 - 01/16/2021

I’d better post before I hit the road today.

Still working on the cardigan for Mom. I used 2 skeins on that. I’m on the last round of a doily. I used 2 spools of thread on it & a small coaster.

WTD +8

[SIZE=16px]No Change for me this week. [/SIZE]

I finished one project, used one skein of yarn. None purchased, so +2

[SIZE=20px]WTD = +2[/SIZE]

Finished the Crazy Stashbusting Sweater [SIZE=18px]+4 [/SIZE]for the week ending 1/16/21

[SIZE=18px]WTD +4 [/SIZE][SIZE=12px]More granny squares made!![/SIZE]

I’ll post now
[SIZE=26px]WE 1/16 +10
YTD +2 [/SIZE]

I didn’t think I would have much this week, but I switched to a couple of my dishcloth projects, so actually used up a full skein and a few partials with that and with working on my sock earlier in the week

[SIZE=16px]+5 for this week![/SIZE]

I have hardly been crafting lately, and when I do all I want to do is spin. That being said, I finished one skein of handspun in the color way Gingerbread House. I strongly considered buying yarn yesterday but I was good and didn’t.

WTD -2, YTD +11


I love that skein ! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful skein! It’s hard to believe that it’s hand-spin, so neat work.

Almost no knitting done this week.

I worked on the battenberg all week, using up half and partial skeins and combining with cream. It was a good week.

[SIZE=20px]wtd +13
ytd +25[/SIZE]

I used up 2 partial/balls on some slippers +2
I went shopping. You know that great issue of Vogue Knitting I just got? And I had an appointment down near Milwaukee that took me vaguely near a LYS I like to patronize. Motive + opportunity-22. At least I bought intentionally for two specific patterns.

wTD -20

Zero :slight_smile:

WTD +10
worked on the baby blanket… almost done.

I finished up a partial in a scrap project (+1) and purchased a full skein (-2).

WTD = -1

@Spice2s and @Natalia thank you! I’m a little over the top in trying to be consistent. I’ve done it long enough now that this is my default. I’m doing a spin right now where I’m intentionally trying to spin thicker and it’s challenging.