Week Ending 01/08/2022

Post your score for the week: 01/02/2022 - 01/08/2022

I went thru my yarn stash and was able to pass along some yarn to my sweet neighbor.
I gave her 21 skeins of yarn. (woo Hoo)

WTD +42

YTD +42

Just a little bit of progress was made this week.

WTD +3

I used three large cakes for shawls, no new yarn acquisitions this week.


I finished a sewing project and continued with a potholder and blanket but no finished skeins this week.
[SIZE=18px]WTD 0

Used up none, 1 skein arrived in the mail so it’s a -2 week for me.

[SIZE=16px]WTD = -2
YTD = +1

WTD Zero

I had a very productive week, as I managed to finish lots of WIPs.
I finished a pair of mittens for me (+2), a hoodie hat for DH (+6), a crochet toy duck (+4), a pair of socks (+2). Now I need to wash it and take photos
WTD +14 YTD +14

W/e 1/8 +6
ytd +6

I managed to make some progress on a blanket (+2).

WTD = +2

Retrospective post: used 1/2 skein (hat). +1. Week +1 ytd

WTD +2
The test knit scarf took exactly one skein of Yarn Bee Warm and Cozy. :grin: