Week 2 Prize--One day late!


Week 2 has come and gone!! Hopefully it’s been a productive week for everyone! I actually went away for a few days with a friend of mine and I took my spinning wheel along, so I got in some nice spinning time in the evenings.

Our prize this week is a teaser board from @fancykitty It’s a handy little tool to have to flick open locks of fiber. I have one that I clamp to a table and then hold the locks in my hand and tease them open. It’s so handy! Fancy Kitty makes drum carders and other fine fiber tools. I am borrowing her (the owner’s) Kitten drum carder and I love it! I’m thinking it will be on my wish list in the days to come after I return hers!

So to be reminded, the rules for participation are simple–you need to have had at least 5 days where you’ve spun for at least 20 minutes (or did fiber prep or plying, etc). Again, this is on the honor system and we’re not going around checking to see if you did that or not. So, if by tonight (Friday the 11th) you qualified for this week’s drawing, please comment below and post your name. We are giving you an extra day to post your entry since I’m late getting this up and running. If you care to show a picture of what you did or at least tell us about it, that would be awesome. Also, please note that even if you weren’t able to do last week’s contest, you can still qualify for this week’s drawing if you met the above specifications for this week.

If you’ve already met that qualification, feel free to go ahead and post your name; you don’t have to wait until this evening to do so. But to keep it fair, no posting after Saturday at midnight, please. The winner will be announced on Sunday.

Also, I encourage everyone who has made it through all the days of the SdF 2020 so far, don’t give up for this last week–we have some really nice prizes coming, not only for the weekly prize but we’ll be giving away multiple prizes for those who complete the entire Spin de Fleece. Stay tuned for some posts coming up!! But even if you’ve missed some days already, you can still compete the last week and still be entered in some drawings.

P.S. I apologize for not posting this earlier–just a busy week and I was gone until Wednesday and then clean forgot about the prize posting with all the stuff I had going on since I got home.

Annotation 2020-08-25 143950.png

My total spinning for Week 2 was 5 hrs. 40 minutes, and I met my personal goal of spinning at least 30 minutes a day and one hour on the Challenge day.

I spun every day this week (including the rest day) 30 min every day with 60 on the challenge day, Sunday.

I spun every day but the one rest day, over 30 minutes each day. I finished another 2 bobbins of singles of the gray Corriedale, and the second 2 oz. of the blue Corriedale from last week, both of which will be plied this week. I don’t have photos of the bobbins right now; the lighting in my house is not good right now, sorry.

I spun every day 30 minutes or more, got all singles plied and washed, and spun a challenge skein. I did not take any rest day because I was eager to finish so that I can start experimenting with some carding waste and some silk.

Good for you, girl! Keep up the good work!

Way to go! Keep up the good work–one more week to go!

Good job! Don’t worry about the lighting not being right–it’s not a photo contest. :slight_smile:

I’m eager to see what you do with the carding waste and silk! Be sure to post pictures! And that challenge skein was quite the doozy–good for you for tackling it!

@rkennell One of this morning’s goals is to weigh all the waste and see about making a couple of batts. I could do hand carded rolags, but this is my chance to practice with the drum carder, letting it do some of that work for me. I will take pictures and keep track of what I did and post the details.

We have a winner!!! @crosstitchlinda , your name has been drawn to receive the Fancy Kitty teaser board! It is a handy little tool–I love mine. If you’ll give me your address (PM me), I’ll send it to Fancy Kitty. I’ve already paid for it, so she can ship it whenever we have your address. Congratulations!!

Congratulations, @crosstitchlinda! Now we can call you a teaser! :wink:

Thanks! I never win anything! Now I’ll have to learn what to do with it.

@Carlota, I’m not the tease in this family my DH is and so is one of my granddaughters.

Oooh congrats! That will be fun!

I spun every day for at least 20 minutes. I did not spin on Sat., 9/13, as that was LYS day and the James River Yarn Crawl. After driving 300 miles to visit yarn shops, get a hair cut and do my twice monthly commissary shopping trip, I was exhausted. I spun yesterday, Monday, 9/14, as my substitute day for Sat., 9/13.

@rkennell The teaser board arrived today! I’ll have to read up on how to use it.

@crosstitchlinda - Here’s how I used mine. I used it for opening up individual locks of fiber. Yvonne from Fancy Kitty sent me this link of a video and I found it to be most helpful. I spent 20 bucks to have the video, but it was money well spent in my opinion! I used that little board like crazy! If you don’t want to clamp it on a table, you can do it on your lap as well. I took it with me to FL when I visited my folks and I just put a piece of old denim on my lap, and held the board in 1 hand and the locks in the other hand. I did run the locks through a drum carder then, but you could even spin from those locks once they’re opened up.


I thought I was short a day, but then I remembered that I prepped a whole basket of dog fur for an experiment on one of the days! So I’ve spun or plied for a couple of hours for six of the days this week. I’m nearly finished with my second bobbin for my sweater spin, and managed some banana, pineapple, and soy fiber a couple of days ago. Yay! I love having goals. :biking_woman:

That definitely counts to prep fiber as well! But good for you for spinning that interesting fiber mixture! Can that be washed then??