Weaving Tips and Hacks

I just learned this yesterday at guild meeting and thought I would share. Almost ready made repair heddles can be made from this ribbon yarn. Whoever discovered this was brilliant!

Oh wow! I never thought about using that yarn for a repair heddle. I take a small round knitting stitch marker, tie two pieces of rug warp to it and then tie the rug warp to the heddle bars.

Also a very cool hack @DebbiRYarn!

That’s a good idea also.

Here is my reed holder thingamajiggy and cross holder I use when sleying my reed. I have never warmed up to back to front warping, so for my front to back purposes, this is the perfect setup. I got the idea at a guild meeting, but expanded on it. The person demonstrating it had only 2 bars that fit from front beam to the channel in the reed holder. I needed something that I could put my cross holder on as well, so I devised this plan adding cross beams, and my husband made it for me. There are brackets on the bottom closest to the reed holder that fit in the reed channel to keep it from flying off the loom.

You at a very smart person

@Greennana, thank you. I would have never thought of it if I hadn’t seen the person at guild with the two reed supports.