Weaving help

@Gayle is new here to FiberKind and has a weaving question. I’m hoping she’ll find her way here as I’m betting someone can help her out. :fk:

A big welcome to FiberKind, Gayle!!! We hope you find a happy home here.

Hi @Gayle,
I’m not sure, but your set up reminds me a little bit of my Mirrix loom where that rod is used as a continuous warp bar creating a warp twice as long since it can be rolled around the frame. My first attempt at a solution would be now to lift that rod up off the posts (or however it is attached), so it hangs freely and can be used to move the warp around the loom. I would then roll it down to the bottom of the back of the frame, head around to the front, take a shed stick or rod and go across the front warp threads over/under, picking up your shed. You now have an open shed and a closed shed which you pick up to weave. As your weaving progresses, you move the continuous warp bar up and around to the front till you run out of room (always too soon :-). I use my copper pipe tapestry loom like this. You can also create leashes for picking up the closed shed more easily. There are YouTube videos and blogs out there to show this, but I need to head off to work so can’t find them at the moment. Archie Brennan and Rebecca Mezoff and Mirrix Looms have videos. I’m sure there are others. I’ll keep an eye out for any other questions, but need to run to work. Have fun!

Thank you so much! That is a great idea. I was ready to turn it around and start weaving on the back side for the lack of another idea! I will just need to figure out how to pick up the extra looseness created when I disconnect the dowel.

Hmmm…that’s a good point about the looseness. Once I wrap a warp, trying to get tension as even as possible, I’ll go back through from one side to the other, snugging up one warp at a time until I reach the other end. Then I take that last warp and retie to take up the slack. But that makes me think, I’m unfamiliar with your loom and don’t remember seeing a tensioning device. Is it meant to have a continuous warp? Or maybe that dowel is your shedding/leashes mechanism and you pick up the back and front threads together. Yikes, I’m not sure I’m much help and my lunch hour is over with. I’ll look for some of those links tonight.

Hey, @Gayle, your comment on looseness makes me wonder about the type of loom you are using. Look up information on warping a frame loom. I don’t want to steer you wrong and I’m starting to think that bar wasn’t meant to be used as a continuous warp bar but a heddle bar (2 different uses). In that case, you would need to rewind your warp as a frame loom. The pictures show you warped around that dowel as a continuous warp which made me take that path, but now not sure. Take a look at how to warp a frame loom with a heddle bar and see if that might be more what is needed.

Actually, I found the video and your first post was right on the money. If I create a second bar for the heddles, I should be in perfect shape to move forward.

Oh! Yay!!! Great news! Looking forward to seeing your project.