Warrior KAL

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that there is still time to join the Warrior KAL. In the pattern there are options for Warrior, Survivor, and Ribbons. You can make a cowl, or a hat/ear warmer. If you are on Instagram please use #WarriorKAL to share your projects.

For every completed project you will be entered to win a skein of yarn from Chicken Lady Fiber Arts or a Deplorable Knitter Bag!

I hope you can join us!



Very nice! Where is it being hosted?

It is being run on IG, Facebook, and in this thread! If you want to participate, just drop a completed item photo here!

@DeplorableKnitter it’s so good to see you posting here!

I downloaded the app on my phone its much better to navigate

I just read the guidelines figuring out the site. Sorry about my post above. No worries!!

The ap … isn’t as thorough as the site. I tried setting it up, saw how much it left out, and decided not to promote it. But - it is there. :slight_smile:

If you have any troubles or need help, please feel free to @ me or PM me - or anyone here. We’re happy to help! :fk:

@DeplorableKnitter @DeplorableKnittersMom

Please forgive me if somewhere on here you have already answered this question.
But…Where can I find/purchase this pattern??

:fk:So glad you guys are here on FiberKind.:fk:

There is this:

Is there somewhere to find the details? Is it the pattern of your choice or certain patterns? Which warriors are we speaking of? I’ve been working on patriotic, save the children, back the blue and pro Trump patterns.



I thought it was for Deplorable Knitters newest patterns about Warriors, Survivors, and the ribbons. (everything is pink in the first post above…so for breast cancer?)
Let me know if you discover more info…as I don’t have FB so can’t see all the info. And I have to admit I haven’t watched the youtube link yet this week.

Stay well.

@hereami Her patterns are great! I just can’t quite figure out if it’s just Kal on the warrior pattern or all of them including the Thin blue line and Trump ones…

@KnitsWithHorses I think last episode she said any of her patterns finished is an entry. :relaxed:

Here’s the yarn you can win. Seriously!! Join The Knit-along!!


:)Did you all see that she is donating a large portion of the proceeds from this pattern to OurRescue. #OUR (operation underground railroad)

Below is a copy/paste from an email I got from her. :slight_smile:

The #SaveOurChildren hat pattern
is now available on Etsy!

$4 dollars from every #SaveOurChildren pattern sale is going to be donated to OurRescue. OurRescue works to rescue children who have been affected by child sex trafficking, and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Oh that is definitely something I support!!

I am still trying to figure the site out loll I wrote under the photo. Thank you DK. Here is my entry. :heart: I have knit 3 so far for family and our police family. Thank you for your support. :oncoming_police_car:

Hi, @pumpkinmouse, and welcome to Fiberkind! Your hat looks great!

And here you are! I love the hat, I’m sure the recipients really appreciate them. If you have any questions about the site we’re all happy to help.