Veteran ran yarn companies

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any yarn companies or dyers that are owned by veterans or veterans spouses. My husband and I love supporting veteran ran companies, or thin blue line based companies. Thank you!!

I found this website, but didn’t see anything about yarn companies or dyers:

Thank you!! I’ll check them out!

I don’t know about yarn, but I can highly recommend R. Riveter bags. I have one of their canvas and leather handbags, but I really want to buy one of their totes to use as a project tote/travel bag.

They are handmade in the USA. The quality is very good. The company was started by a couple of military wives and has a pretty cool story.

My father, grandfather, uncle, brother in law, and father in law are all Navy veterans. My brother is an Army veteran and my son is a Marine! This is my shop, I’ve edited because I have moved my shop to baroqoo!

Another reason for me to love your yarn! I’m knitting socks for the current KAL with your Rainbow Mist fingering and it is such a pleasure to work with. I look forward to being able to buy more. Please thank everyone in your family who served or is serving. We owe them a debt we can never begin to pay.

@FreedomLover I would be more than happy to thank them for you! They do have to sacrifice so much! I am so glad that you are enjoying the yarn! I’ll have to go see your pictures in that thread!

Please thank them for their service. I will be sure to check out you shop!! Thank you!

@abgil12 I will! And thank you! I’m planning to have an update later this week!

Thank you!!

@knitterlady13 I’d never heard of them & their items are gorgeous. I am such a sucker for leather. Sigh.

@plainjaneknitter I’m also a sucker for leather. Their leather is beautiful, too! In fact, visiting the site reminded me that I should clean up my bag a bit.

Thanks for posting! I’ve been looking at your yarn - it’s beautiful! Looking forward to your update.

@knitterlady13 Thank you! I’m looking forward to dyeing this next batch!