Vendor sales

If you are a vendor offering a National Craft Month sale, or see any special sales for crafters this month, please feel free to share here. :slight_smile:

DMC is having a sale celebrating National Craft Month. Up to 40% discount.

Baroque Cotton is $2.99!

Herrschners is offering some deep discounts on all crafting supplies for National Craft Month. Up to 70%!

Furls will have special giveaways every week during National Craft Month!

Craft More Happy Moments with our FREE Creativity Care Package 3/26-4/9/20! Watch over 1,300 creative education classes ranging from sewing, cooking, family crafts, and more!

Bluprint is having a promotion where you can have access to their classes now through April 9, 2020.

Registration does not require a credit card, however you do need an email address. If you register using our link, FiberKind will receive $5.00 per registration as part of our affiliate network agreement. :slight_smile: So - you have the opportunity to perfect current crafts and hobbies or learn new ones, while helping support our site at the same time!

Please click here for the Bluprint link so we get the credit.

Thank you :slight_smile:


This is awesome in so many ways!

This is a sweet offer! I’ll share it on FB if that’s okay!

I’m going to do it just so you’ll get the 5 bucks, lol! Is it ok to share with people outside of Fiberkind???:slight_smile:

Sure! :slight_smile:

@Char - if we copy and paste the link into an email for a friend, will it work for Fiberkind to get the $5 or do they need to be on Fiberkind when they click the link?

I am not sure.

But - if you copied and paste this address to lead her here, she shouldn’t need a FK account to see and click on the link. :heart::heart:

@Rose the Rebel @lovestostitch I am tagging you here. Bluprint has excellent classes that @rkennell and I have been watching. We both bought our rigid heddle looms used at great prices (we looked often in the Facebook marketplace). This is where we started our weaving adventure! :slight_smile:

Thanks @ Char, I just signed up

I did share this on FB–I wonder if you have any way to know if you get some people outside of FK who’ve use the link?

Has anyone who signed up for Bluprint discovered the patterns that are available to members? If you haven’t you need to go look. Right now. I mean it.

Click on Explore and then Projects and Patterns.

@FreedomLover - did you see the promotion is extended through 4/16?!?!?! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, I didn’t know they had so many great patterns. There are a few knitted shawls that I’ve downloaded and I’m going through the quilt and sewing patterns tomorrow. If anyone likes to crochet adorable animals there are many to choose from.

@Lemming13 might enjoy the animals!

I did enjoy the animals, and I registered - glad to help Fiberkind get a bit of dosh!

@KnitsWithHorses - here is the link! :slight_smile: