Uploading and editing photos

I uploaded several photos to a new board and now whenever I try to edit the photos to enlarge them it tells me that it is invalid request??
Then I when I try to save the enlarged photos, I get another error that says “You may only attach up to 5 files per post” What does that mean??

How are you uploading? And then, how are you trying to enlarge? I don’t think you can click and drag to enlarge. You have to remove the photo from the post and then choose the larger size in the uploaded attachments area (below your post - in editing mode).

As far as the second message, all that means is that you can only attach 5 files in each post. For whatever reason when adding an image to a post, it duplicates in that attachments area. You can click to remove the duplicates. But do be aware that if you want to post more than those 5 files that you need to make a second post in your thread and put the extras in that post.

From the media button, I clicked on “add photos” and upload several photos, then because they were horribly pixelated, I clicked on edit and tried to change the size from thumbnail to medium size but apparently I can’t do that.

So in each category, say “blankets” I can only put 5 different photos or only 5 photos per session? I know I don’t understand, so confused.

@Debbiedianne As far as the 5 pictures…no…you can put more than 5 photos per session. You just need to put no more than 5 in a single post. So make your first post and put in your 5 pictures. Then post again (just reply to the thread again) and put more pics in the next post. In each thread you can have as many posts as you want.

@Debbiedianne To clarify, we’re currently in a thread (or topic as they call them here). This is my 3rd post in this thread.

Try uploading using the “upload attachments” feature at the bottom of the text editing box. It’s easy to then resize your images within your posts.

So I went to your blanket thread. Not sure you know, but if you click on your photos they will auto-enlarge for anyone looking. However, if you use the upload attachments feature, you can resize photos right in the post.

Here’s a photo that indicates what I’m talking about. I used that feature to upload. I’ve chosen to make it “medium” sized in my post, but I could have made it thumbnail, small, or large as well. If you click on the photo, you’ll see it at it’s actual size.

ETA: If you don’t have the upload area on the bottom of your text editor, you can add it. on the top right of the text editor are 3 icons. If you hover over them, you’ll see the one on the left will turn on the “Upload attachments” pane.


Okay, I’ll try that. So use upload attachments instead of the photo button.

So we don’t add photos in the media tab, just under the activities tab. Will they show up in the media area and will I be able to put them in categories then?

@Debbiedianne I’m not sure I understand your question. You can add photos either way, but using the upload button at the bottom will enable you to choose the size the photo appears in your post. Using the camera will give you thumbnails. Either way the photos are click obal and when you click them they will in large to your viewer. And either way you will still be limited to the number of photos in your posts.

Maybe you can clarify what you mean by media tab and media area?

The media area/tab that I refer to are accessed from the user profile page, it’s the last tab. I did add a photo to a message on the activities page and the photo did show up on the media page. I’ll just have to play around with it until it works for me. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

@Debbiedianne Ahhh…gotcha. I thought you meant a tab here in the thread.


The second post has screen prints on how to add photos. When I’ve used this method I haven’t had any size issues. :slight_smile: