Updating group icon

@Name_Null @Char Any tips on updating a group’s icon? I tried to do it today and it uploads and shows up on the group page view but it doesn’t save. It reverts to the old image. I don’t see a save button anywhere. Tips appreciated. It is the Audiobook Lovers (now called Book Lovers) group I am trying to update.

ETA: I just tried it on the Adventures in Dyeing group icon and had the same problem. I successfully updated that icon a few days ago but now it won’t update either.

I looked and I don’t see a way to change it. I am getting some training from @Name_Null soon and will have a better answer for you then. :fk:

I figured out that the edit icon button is available to the group owner whenever they open the group page. You just touch the icon. It isn’t on the general settings page. I was able to update an icon the other day but today it reverts back to the old image.

@lovestostitch when I go there I see this pic - is it the correct one? Sometimes I see things differently than normal users.


@Char - so weird. That is the picture I want. This is what I see.


Ok - we are doing some updates in the morning. I am making a note to check tomorrow after the update and see if it fixes itself. :-). Does that work for you?

@Char - my hubby gave me a good tip. I cleared my history on my iPad. I now see the updated image - except what I see is upside down. I don’t know what’s with that since you see it right side up.

Yay for hubby help! Does he have thoughts locally on the upside down issue?

I did ask him. He said, “That’s messed up.”

@Char - @TexasPurl and I both see the Book Lovers icon as upside down books.

Would you mind trying to re-upload it? I see it upside down now too, but none of the other groups are upside down, which leads me to believe this is an isolated incident. Maybe that will help? I would try it but for some reason I am not able to edit it.

I changed the picture, cleared my history and I see the correct picture - right side up!

@Char @TexasPurl - does it look good for you?

@lovestostitch - it looks GREAT!

I still see it upside down. When I’m finished working online, I’ll clear my image cache again and see how it looks.