Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Thread Crochet


The one thing I want to know that No tutorial I’ve seen has addressed . . . how does one deal with the spool / skein / thing?! I’ve been tossing mine into a bowl and letting it rattle around in there, but surely there’s a better way. I’ve asked on numerous videos and I get upvotes on my questions so I’m thinking I’m not the only one with the query, but as far as answers go it’s crickets. Cree cree, cree cree! :frowning:

Trippet … I hope I understood your question correct. I have posted some links below to help you.






You did, thank you. :slight_smile: That end table is brilliant! I bet that could be achieved with one of those thin curtain rods - the kind you twist to shorten or lengthen. In fact, I sit on a loveseat to crochet and I bet I could fit a curtain rod between the arms and have that skein / spool / thing right over my lap! Woe betide the time I forget my set up and stand without first removing it, lol.