I have not been through all posts on this site so my question might already be answered just buried. Is there a tutorial on how to navigate this forum, account set up, posting, etc…? I know there is a help link at the bottom of every page I was just thinking a video tutorial would be helpful.

Not that I am aware of. Sometimes in the tech support area you might find a Q&A about specific things people have wanted to do. But otherwise - giving us a shout or reading the help menus below… :rolleyes:

Is there something specific you are looking for?

I’m not looking for anything in particular but in general how to navigate. Also, I wonder on my profile there is a text box that says “say something” if I post something where does it go?

It would seem that sends yourself a public message. I tested it. Then deleted it. :rolleyes:

Did it come up under the project blog section or is that a whole other thing?