Tunisian Tech Series

We’ve had some interest in Tunisian crochet of late! I’m thrilled to head up a Tunisian Tech series. We can all learn together!

Starting Saturday 08/15/2020, I’ll post a short tutorial for a given stitch or stitch combination, along with links to videos and sample photos. Please join along with any insight or suggestions!

It’s gonna be fun!

ETA - Though we started this journey as “Stitch of the Week”, the owner of r/Tunisan_Crochet on Reddit (whom I corroborated with on that series) found issue with the use of the same title of the series. Therefore, we have re-named it Tunisian Tech Series in good faith.

The following tutorials are the work of @TexasPurl.

#1 - Tunisian Simple Stitch
#2 - Tunisian Purl Stitch
#3 - Tunisian Knit Stitch
#3-1/2 - Cast On Methods
#4 - Tunisian Full Stitch
#5 - Tunisian Reverse Stitch
Bonus! Tunisian Modified Simple Stitch
#6 - Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch
#7 - Tunisian Simple Crossed Stitch
#8 - Tunisian Smock Stitch
#9 - Tunisian Half-Double Stitch
#10 - Tunisian Double Stitch
#11 - Tunisian Griddle Stitch
#12 - Tunisian Lattice Stitch
#13 - Tunisian Moss Stitch
#14 - Tunisian Seed Stitch
#15 - Tunisian Front & Back Post Stitches
#16 - Tunisian Bamboo Stitch
#17 - Tunisian Extended Stitches
#18 - Tunisian Tweed Stitch
#19 - Tunisian Arrowhead Lace

I’m so looking forward to this new adventure. Thank you so much for hosting this. :fk:

It’s my pleasure! We’re going to learn so much!

@TexasPurl Thanks for doing this.
This sounds like fun! I’m in!

I am thinking about it.

In my crochet craft trials, I went down the Cro-hook path and got a book of stitches, all the hooks and off I went. I at least swatched every stitch in the book and was surprised at how many variations you could actually make. At the time, it didn’t really click with me, probably because I didn’t find many patterns to make and had no idea how to make something without a pattern. I gave everything away to a friend, called it good and moved on.

I’ve got eyes here and if it peaks my interest again, well… One thing is for sure, whoever goes for this ride will certainly have fun and learn a lot!

Ohhh - I am in! I’ll need to find some hooks - thank you so much for the info on the hooks! This is going to be fun!

Should we do anything to prepare???

Just pick your yarn. I might note, less fuzzy fiber truly brings out the stitches and makes them easier to see. If you choose a worsted weight yarn, be prepared to use at least K/10-1/2 6.50mm hook if you stitch tight. I’m a loose stitcher and use a J/10 6.00mm

@TexasPurl - I am thinking about using knit picks Brava for this. Do you think yarn color will matter? I have lights and darks.

I have some Knit Picks Stroll fingering yarn that I’ll be using. It says fingering weight but it’s pretty plump.

Sigh. I ordered hooks.

I need to order some hooks. So - I’ll be bringing up the rear.

I created an affiliate link for the interchangeable hooks - my goodness, I believe you guys bought out the Denise hooks - I had trouble finding some in stock to link to.

I’m still debating. I am finding the Addi needles intriguing as most of them are metal. But - they are more costly, and I’d need to buy additional cables / stoppers to go with.

I’m curious to see if anyone has any experience to add to @TexasPurl 's experience.

I’m waiting for my smaller size hooks to arrive in the mail today. I’ve only used the 6.5mm with the smallest cord and I love how the yarn slides over the hook.

Which ones did you get?

Ohhh - the Woolery (affiliate link) has Chiaogoo hooks. And I just received a 10% off coupon… They are still pricy though. Hmmm.

They also have the Denise Interchangeable set :slight_smile: - same price as Amazon, and their shipping is generally quick.

I am getting the Love2Crochet Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set, USF 5/3.75mm-J10/6mm (L2CF5-J10). The one’s I have had are the Love2Crochet Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set, USK 10.5/6.5mm-19/15mm (L2CK10.5-19).

Question - should we plan on a border?

It’s your preference.

I’ll be using my swatches for a sampler blanket. Tunisian creates a wonderful edge stitch on it’s own for stitching blocks together. I think I’ll sc a contrast color around each, then use that cool joining method you used. Then I’ll have to decided whether I want a wider border around the whole thing.

Awesome. I am glad for the easy stitch edges. :slight_smile:

Please excuse this question if you have already addressed it.

I am considering attempting this. What is the bare minimum hook length I will need for this project.

I think I am understanding that some have bought hooks with cords. (Guessing that is like circular knitting needles with extra cord length?)
Will I need that?

Looking forward to seeing how you end the squares and how they are joined together at the end.

Thank you for putting this together.