Tunisian 10 Stitch concept in a rectangle

Does anyone know if you can do a Tunisian 10 stitch in a rectangle? I have only done Tunisian crochet in blankets worked over a large number of stitches. I like doing the stitch, and thought I could use up a lot of scrap yarn with this technique.

I’ve done scrap Tunisian but sometimes run out of that particular color yarn before completing the second pass. I’m not fond of how it looks when you add new yarn at that point. I thought that maybe the Tunisian 10 stitch might be a good answer.

Can anyone lead me to a pattern making a rectangle and not a square?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Susan…This is not what you were looking for :), but it is Tunisian and interesting. https://verypink.com/2016/01/13/tunisian-crochet-shaker-dishcloths/ https://verypink.com/2015/09/16/crochet-for-knitters-modern-tunisian-quilt/ https://verypink.com/2014/11/12/crochet-for-knitters-tunisian-stripes-blanket/

Thanks for the lead. I’ve actually seen her video but thanks for sharing it with all of us.
BTW I have the answer to my query from another site. (I’m allowed to say that right?) Figure out the end size of the blanket and find the ratio. So if I want my finished blanket to be 36 x 48 then I’m looking at a ratio of 3:4. Starting piece would be that ratio. Say I started with 15 stitches wide, I would work 20 rows. That should make the piece the correct width to length ratio. It’s not an exact science, but it get’s you close I’m told.

@susanwayne Like most ROT’s (rules of Thumb) that 3:4 ratio is a good place to start
and works near perfectly in quilting.

What is often over looked is that with most Crochet and Knit stitches they are not square.
So to achieve your 3:4 ration,you may need to adjust the number of Stitches across
and ALSO the number of stitches needed for the height.
yes, another of those lessons learned the hard way
yes, the dreaded S word must now be spoken
I would suggest a 5x7 then make your counting in the center for best results
also make notes like (mood happy or made swatch after several adult beverages so tension may not be completely accurate
was annoyed by neighbor’s kid got hold of daddy’s care keys again and keeps pressing the alarm button -
all things that can effect your gauge- some are more fun than others. )

Good points all. I have swatched and I know what you mean about moody hand work! Not surprisingly my handwriting fluctuates as well. I have just finished a Tunisian SS blanket so that gauge should be pretty accurate as I worked on it over a period of about 2 weeks and many moods. A lot comes out in the wash (lol) and it evens itself out.

Since this is to be a lap robe for an elderly person, the size differential will not be significant. The size of my actual stitch is almost square, lucky me. If it comes out too narrow…side borders to the rescue. If it comes out too short? top and bottom borders will solve the issue.

Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

Here are some shots of the Tunisian I just finished. Wanted to use up scraps and wanted to try and eliminate the curl. Not blocked yet so don’t judge it too harshly. It’s the simple stitch. No border. I tried several and decided it looked best as is.
Showing both sides as I always like to see the private side and wish more people would post them. Alas they don’t. Also a close up of the join in the middle of the row. I don’t like that and I won’t do it again. I’ll make sure I have enough to go from end to end including the reverse pass next time. No matter how neatly I tried to make it - and I tried many different joins, it always came out too bulky and obvious. I prefer both sides to look neat.

Tunisian Scap blanket Right Side.jpg

Tunisian mid row join wrong side.jpg

Tunisian Scarp Lapblanket WS.jpg

Hi! This is an old post, but I happened to know about that guidelines for doing a tunisian 10-stitch blanket in a rectangle can be found at “It’s All in a Nutshell”: https://itsallinanutshell.com/2016/10/12/tunisian-ten-stitch-stash-buster/

I hope this helps you or anyone else who wants to try this!

Michele B

It’s never too late and thank you! I did manage to finish the one I was working on but I will certainly look at the link you sent me because I was kind of pretending to know what I was doing. LOL

Thanks so much. I’m trying to learn Tunisian crochet.

@DJM You can do it. The TSS (Tunisian Simple Stitch) is nice and relaxing over a a wide expanse like a blanket. Great for TV watching.

@susanwayne, a trick I learned for joining in the middle of the row is to split the strands apart and sew them in different directions. For a 4 ply, I’ll often take 2 strands to the left and 2 strands to the right. Yes, it’s more sewing but it’s not as bulky, looks much neater and I can use up smaller bits of yarn. If I’ve got a bulky yarn, I might split and go in 3 or 4 directions, including up and down a row or two if possible. It might be worth a go sometime.

This is a great idea, thanks for sharing - this never occurred to me :blush: