Trying to match a new yarn with a discontinued one

I started making a blanket with a yarn in my stash without checking whether I had enough. Now, I can’t finish because it ran out. Searched online and found out it’s discontinued. I don’t have a label, but I’m 90% sure it was Red Heart Kids Neon Green. Anyone know of a yarn that is in production now that is similar in color to this one?

Alternatively, do you know of a website where I can search yarns based on color, or a color match yarn site? I’d really like to avoid having to start this blanket over, but, I might just have to. :frowning:

@DuchessOfAvon Here’s what Ebay came up with using “Read Heart Kids Neon Green”. It’s mostly RHSS.…Green&_sacat=0

I believe a similar color in the Red Heart kids is called lime. IDK if they had a neon green in that line, but it could be they had both.

Thank you @knitterlady13 , I saw that one. However I’m pretty sure that the lime green is darker. I did find a neon green yarn from hobby lobby so I’ll check it this weekend to see how it matches. Anyone know of a way to search for yarn by color? I’ve been googling it all day but can’t find a good way to do it.


@knitwillow makes a great suggestion. Another way to do something similar if the yarn doesn’t match and you want it to be predominently a similar green is to knit some stripes (of whatever width you prefer) in contrasting colors or a contrasting color alternating with your original green and the new green. This would break up the greens and add some interest…making the change from one green tone to another (even if subtle) look intentional. I’d probably stripe the greens with black, navy, or deep purple (eggplant), but that’s just me. There are really limitless options.

Here is a site that suggests alternatives to specific yarns:
It doesn’t let you search by color though, but maybe it will help someone with a similar question.
Here’s a picture of a prayer shawl that I did, alternating lots of leftover yarns.


I somehow am coming up short on skeins and can’t fish a sweater. I need a skein of lion brand jiffy charcoal mist. Yarnsub suggested a yarn similar in weight, etc. but nothing out there matches for color. I just ordered two skeins, one each of another lion brand yarn hoping for something close. I’m new here and was hoping to be able to email someone who had a stash of the yarn I’m trying to find for sale but don’t see that option on this site. I emailed three people at the “other” site who posted this yarn for sale, trade, etc and haven’t heard back yet…

@TinkingSue - We are working on a stash section for the site, but that was a bit sidelined for mask making, etc.

Here are a couple thoughts on your yarn:

King Cole Chunky - Their charcoal looks close from the pictures I can see

Stylecraft Special Chunky - Their graphite might be close?

I hope these help.

One idea, if you are unsuccessful with finding a match: make your blanket into a color block style. Use a color wheel to choose another color or two that you love which would complement your green and continue with those.
Have a good day! :cherries: