Tools talk?

@Admin I wasn’t sure exactly where to post this question, so the Tech Support area is it. One of the big topics on the other site was about tools. Would it be possible to add that topic to the associated forum groups? Since the crafts are separated out, maybe there would need to be a tools topic under each one? OR maybe a new group for tools discussion? At the other place there were always lots of questions about different hooks and needles or sets as well as other tools.

Sure that seems fine, I can add one for each of the major areas.

@Admin Thanks so much!

@Admin Thank you so much for adding those tools topics. Quick question…or observation. I posted a thread in “tools” under the knitting category. It shows up under “latest activity”, but not under “new topics”. Should it show up there?

sometimes it takes a bit for a new topic to fully “populate”
if you referring to the Interchangeable Kneedles topic, it is there now

Since @Admin has added the tools topic “everywhere” = closing this topic