Tool Storage

How do you organize the tools you want within reach when you’re at your sewing machine, cutting mat, pressing center? What about notions? We’ve moved twice in a little over a year and I want to reorganize my supplies. I asked the same question in the Knitting forum and would love to hear from the sewists.

I use an industrial-type toolbox, the kind for hammers and screwdrivers, etc. There is a lift-out tray with a handle and divided sections that are strong enough for things like screws and nails, so plenty strong enough for needles and pins, also some of the sections are long enough to take scissors and other tools. There is a large main section below that is big enough to take cones of thread for the overlocker/serger as well as ordinary bobbins, and I try to keep things like elastic and ribbons rolled up and pinned so I can just put them in and be able to find them again. My good tailor’s shears go in there, too, wrapped up and placed at the bottom out of sight, so no-one “accidentally” uses them to cut paper - grrrr!! It is not exactly a thing of beauty, but I can just pick it up and use it, then close the lid and put it away when I have finished, without any fuss.

I love this idea!

I use the same thing. Sounds like mine is a little smaller, but it is a tool box. I’m fortunate that my studio is upstairs and my husband never goes up there so I don’t have to worry about anyone using my good shears or rummaging through my stuff. I really don’t like anyone touching my stuff.

I had my husband build me a peg-board (it only took a year after I first asked him!) I hand a lot of tools, zippers, and little baskets with small items, like bobbins and clips. I hung up one of those wooden thread holders by two hooks. I still have a lot of stuff in small trays and cups, though. Also have a little glass-door bathroom hutch (picked from the curb) that I store a lot of small do-dads in small clear screw-top containers… and also a 4-shelf bookshelf (also picked from the curb) that I use clear shoe boxes to organize inventory and larger items.

I looked at peg board hooks at Home Depot and didn’t see any that I liked. When DH asked me what I was looking for I showed him a Pinterest picture of craft supplies on a peg board and he laughed. He’d never seen anything like it.

Ikea also has something kind of peg-boardy.

A large fishing tackle box with fold-out shelves of small compartments–works great for all kinds of sewing notions.

I find things get too dusty when stored in open baskets so I use clear plastic shoeboxes or the clear medium sized boxes. Using a paper punch, I punched out a decorative label shape in black paper. Then I used a white marker to label the contents. I taped the labels to the clear boxes with packing tape. I have a craft room with a walk-in closet that hubby outfitted with all shelves so I store the boxes in the closet and bring out what I need for projects.

A simple yet elegantly workable solution!