Tips for keeping track of increases?

For some reason (I admit I’m tired!) I’m not doing a good job keeping track of pairs of increases.

Do you count stitches after each increase row to make sure you’re on track? Does anyone have any tips? I’m ripping out the Vneck on DH’s shetland vest, got frustrated and started a mindless Knitting Pure and Simple cardigan (I needed a mindless project anyway) and did it again on the raglan increases. I probably just need a nap but I hate to sleep during the day especially when DH is at work.

I love to knit - even a tiny bit - between chores so maybe I’m just extra distracted too.

I usually just count my rows from the last increase row. However, sometimes if the increase is in a location that makes it harder to see easily (like right on the edge and/or where color changes are happening at the same time, I’ll make a little spot on my pattern or on a sticky note to make tick marks. I’ll even do this on patterns I don’t print out…I just use Acrobat to add text to track the increases or use the sticky notes function in Windows to do the same. Of course, one must then remember to make the notation and since I can’t ever remember if I remembered (ha ha), I usually just end up having to read my knitting.

Thanks for some ideas - your comments made me realize I do read my knitting but I’m having a hard time seeing the increases in the charcoal Shetland and I’m knitting at a fairly small gauge.

I think I’m going to have to put it aside until I can knit in good sunlight with no distractions. I thought I was paying attention but I really messed it up! The increases are made at neck edge so as soon as you make one, you’re done with needle and on to the other side. I just don’t see how I missed one.

It sounds like you are having trouble being certain whether you increased on the same row on both sides of the neckline. One simple way to do this is to use stitch markers made of scrap yarn. You could loop them around the increase stitches and snip them out or untie them later.

I count out the number of rows that I need to make increases, say 7 rows, then I count out 7 safety pin style stitch markers and after I finish the increase row I make a chain. When the chain reaches is 7 markers long I have finished all the increases.

@runner5 I do something similar to @Bibliofan but instead of safety pins I use Reese’s Pieces. I put one in a dish for each row I’m counting and eat it as I finish the row. :o

That’s clever.

Love this! But I don’t think I could trust myself, lol!

I make two chains for the dreaded “and at the same time” instruction. I color code the chains.

You reminded me I need to buy more of those little clips. I’ve lost so many of them. I only have three of the orange ones left. I don’t usually lose things.
I like to use them to baste pieces together when sewing up, too.

I’m old school - paper and pencil after completing each one.

I swear stitch markers just disappear. I think the Borrowers must have an overriding need for them! I lost 10 on my last project alone. And then they show up in the oddest spots…under the dining room table. I don’t knit in the dining room.

I once found one in the garage.

I suppose in a pinch small paper clips would do instead of safety-pin style markers…if they don’t snag the fabric. Personally, I like the peanut butter cup idea. Except that I would tend to absent-mindedly eat them before it was time. :rolleyes:

I use paper and pencil because I loose row counters. I also loose stitch markers.

I write out the numbers and mark the instructions.

If you were a more modern person than me, you could do this on your phone?

I use squares, circles or triangles on the row numbers. I don’t have a consistent system but I do have one for each project. I scribble out each number as I finish the row.

I have an ap on my phone called K&C counter. I click that every time I go by if I simply need to count rows for whatever reason.

I also use Knit Companion for patterns and such from Dropbox. Maybe someday Knit Companion will be integrated with OUR!

I bought Two counter rings from
I love them. I’ve even given them as gifts to my knitting friends. I see Amazon has a similar ring but it only comes in one size. Support the geeky gamers!

Oh my gosh, I would add increases all over the place in that scenario! love it!

If I’m really missing g the increases I’ll force myself to stop and put in a detachable lightbulb marker. This way when I go too far it’s obvious that I missed it and I don’t need to rip back as often. I also usually rely on reading my knitting but sleeves feel like socks and I always forget my decreases :joy: