Thread Crochet

This thread is for our designers to list their thread crochet patterns. Please provide a link to your own website, or your pattern at etsy, lovecrafts, etc where purchasers can find your pattern for sale.

I recommend using the following format:

  • Share a picture – everyone likes to see what it looks like
  • Yarn used in photo and weight of yarn
  • Gauge, hooks
  • Yardage used
  • Link to the website where they can purchase the pattern
  • Other information you would consider important
  • USE TAGS! It may help folks find your patterns easier

*FiberKinds Winter Designer’s Competiton Winner
Winter Wonderland Table Runner

Size Approximately 20 by 52 inches
Size 10 crochet thread, 2600 yards, size 9 steel crochet hook

A pretty table runner with snowmen and Christmas tree in the snow. Perfect for holiday gift-giving or Christmas decor.

This pattern includes:

  • Easy to follow directions and a diagram for how to filet crochet and the lacet stitch.
  • Design Chart - Grid Chart - Row by row, with filled squares to follow along as you crochet.
  • Stitch Chart - Row by row with Crochet Stitch symbols.
  • The first 22 rows written out row by row to show how the easy to follow charts work.
  • A simple tutorial of how to block which is optional, with a couple of photos for visual.
  • Directions and a simple diagram for a border which is also optional.
  • Photos of the finished product.
  • I am also available for any questions that may arise.
Can be purchased at:!/Winter-Wonderland-Table-Runner-Filet-Crochet-Pattern-&-Charts/p/162005968

#threadcrochet #tablerunner #winterwonderland #snowman


[SIZE=14px]PEACEFUL PATHS - TexasPurl Designs[/SIZE] [TABLE]
[TD][SIZE=14px]#10 Cotton Crochet Thread - 1000 yards
#20 Cotton Crochet Thread - 800 - 1000 yards
(Sample is made in #20)[/SIZE][/TD]
[TD][SIZE=14px]Suggested Weight[/SIZE][/TD]
[TD][SIZE=14px]6/1.8mm - #10 thread
8/1.5mm - #20 Thread[/SIZE][/TD]
[TD][SIZE=14px]Appx 14" x 45" #10 Thread
Appx 12" x 42" #20 Thread[/SIZE][/TD]
[TD] [/TD]
[TD][SIZE=14px]#TexasPurl #filet #post-stitch #chart[/SIZE][/TD]
[TD] [/TD]
[TD][SIZE=14px]The pattern can be purchased from LoveCrafts $4.00[/SIZE][/TD]