So, I started on a little side venture making these boxes for beginner knitters and I am having WAY too much fun coming up with new ideas! I have become a book reseller - i THINK i’ve done it right, haha! - and include a book with yarn and needles, etc. for new knitters so that they have everything they need to get started. I don’t know how far I will take this yet, but I am envisioning including indie yarn, patterns, stitch markers, needles, etc. in the future. I’d love some feedback from the lovely sellers and designers on here on how you started and what you would expect from someone like me to consider a collaboration.

Also, look me up! I’m such a tiny speck haha! Theknittingtrade on instagram. I’m only selling locally right now because shipping is my kryptonite, but I may expand one day, who knows! Also, I only have one item at the moment, but that’s not for lack of supplies or ideas, I’m just a full time working mama having some fun and trying out a side hustle! :smile:

Apologies in advance if this is not the right place to post this! :grimacing:

Have a wooly lovely day!

I’m new to Instagram and now follow you. Best of luck with this, it looks like a great kit.

Thanks!! I’m super new to Instagram too. Im not a big social media user - I just barely got back on Facebook to try and get a feel for if anyone was interested in buying them. I have sold 3, but not on any platform I have them listed, just me promoting myself at work and in my Discord chats lol. Thank you for the follow! I should be posting some more this weekend. :blush: If nothing else, they’re pretty to look at! :wink:

Best wishes! I just followed you on Instagram. Neat little kits!

Thank you so much!

Just made up the last of the Beginner’s Knitting Boxes. This photo makes me want a booth at a craft fair! :heart_eyes:

I am officially up on Facebook Marketplace, yay!


Thank you!! Baby steps haha!