The Sims

So does anyone here love the sims? I love Sims 2 and 4. I never played Sim 1 and hate Sims 3 (besides game crashing and freezing bugs; I always found those sims dull, stiff and less appealing. I never understood why it was so popular. Open world was often empty and unstable and had too many rabbit holes which felt like it defeated the purpose of open world). I enjoy the games; but the community? Not so much. Most gaming communities is toxic, so I tend to avoid them.

I wished Sims 2 worked on windows 10; but for now I mainly stick with Sims 4.

Sometimes when I wait for loading screens, I would work on crochet projects or something in between.

I used to play Sims 1 in a hardcore binge type of way, but I had to pry myself away. After a while it was getting unhealthy. And then later I played Stardew Valley and did the same thing. :wink: I love them though, I just have to remember healthy doses. :smiley:

I love the sims! I can spend hours upon hours building and decorating houses LOL! By the way, there’s a 4 GB patch to fix compatability with Sims 2 on Windows 10, you can find instruction on this sim blog:, I love going back to sims 2 and sims 1 over and over, I also liked sims 4 better than 3. I haven’t played sims in a while, but I’ve been wanting to fire up sims 4 again, guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow! :smiley:

I never heard of Stardew Valley. Is that like a new came? For PC or Console? I think I still have a PS3; but it is not hooked up.

I tried everything (tried following that tutorial and all that before); but it still lags a lot if my sim went on vacation, in town, had a party so I just stopped playing Sims 2 as nothing worked. Oh well, at least I got some fun memories of the game.

My brother got me a Steam download of the Stardew Valley, but I think it’s both PC and console. You are a pixelated farmer in a new town, growing your crops, mining the mines, chatting up the locals. It’s a lot more fun than it has any right to be.