The moon tonight



Oh, the moon was astounding tonight!
We first saw it just above the horizon, in the eastern sky, so large and glowing sunset pink.
Later, above the treetops, a golden hue.
Perfect circle.
Evidently this was the largest full moon of 2020, and called the Full Pink Super Moon!

@Orthodox_Maiden , thanks for posting the photos! It has been stormy here in California, so I missed seeing the moon tonight. What a beautiful color!

Beautiful photo! We missed it…stormy here in Michigan too.

It really was something to see…I wish I had been able to get a picture a few minutes earlier…it was behind the clouds that were just below in the pictures and just peeking out, a nice pale pink.

They are beautiful as is. I see your photos on Instagram also and they are all lovely!

@Kathy7661, you must be mistaking me with someone else, there, because I do not have an Instagram. Do they have the same username?

I’m sorry, you’re right. User names are not the same.

@Kathy7661 Not to worry…I’m flattered!

We looked, but must have too much light interference. Your pictures show it’s bright beauty much clearer than we saw. Thanks for posting them :blush: