The Knitting Guild Association

Are there any other members of TKGA here?

I joined last fall and have completed their Basics class, am now working on the last lesson of Taming Tension, and plan to start their Master Hand Knitting class when I finish this one. I also really want to take their Tech Editing class.

Not a member, but considering it. If nothing else, I want to take a look through the articles they have available. I’ve been evaluating things people have posted about the master certification to see if I could work on the skills on my own without forking over the money (which I’d rather spend on fiber :slight_smile: ).

I can understand that!

I was a long time ago. I took part 1 of the Master Knitting Program. I had a very strict judge, but I learned a lot. It is definitely worthwhile.

I have really enjoyed the 2 classes I’ve taken and learned a lot.

It’s a quality program!

I’ve been debating taking the class for years… I just don’t feel I’m good enough and really was never interested in designing or knowing a sweater… But maybe since I’m moving to CT where it get cold … I may change my mind

I’ve been considering re-joining. The newsletter had interesting articles as well, joining in the master knitting groups wasn’t all they used to do…is it only the classes now?

The Basics class would be a good introduction to their classes to see if you’d be interested in continuing on with another course.

I think they do other things, but I haven’t really looked into what other options there are. The closest guild is over 2 hours from me, so I haven’t joined an actual group.

I used to be a member and have completed the Knitting Judge certification, and Levels 1&2 of the Master Knitter program. I had all of Level 3 done except for the sweater when life got in the way. Now I need to finish that, rejoin, get the updated instructions, and finish once and for all! I enjoyed it and really learned a lot.

Nice! Good for you!

I started the Tech Editing course this week and think I’m a bit overwhelmed. LOL There’s a LOT to remember. I have a ton of books on the way that I ordered used from Amazon sellers.

Has anyone else taken this course?

In my perfect life, I would go through all their classes! {heart}

I’ve been a member for years but only just bought the Basics class this past Spring. I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet but I have discovered that my tension is now rowing out a bit. Is the tension class worth it?

I learned a lot in the tension class. I am still working on getting the edge stitches even, but have the knowledge now of what I need to do. I highly recommend the tension class!

I took Basics several years ago as a beginning knitter and it really helped.

I haven’t taken the course, but it is my dream course lol Cheering you on!