The kitties...

Our kitties, Nastya and Olga









So are we going to have that “argument” again?

@SpinsterJulieB One of your sphynx looks like my foster sphynx. Here’s Hairy and Sausage … They are in addition to my own 5 (don’t ask… I lost arguments :D)


I love looking at all these pictures…they are so cute!

Those are a pair of cute Sphynxies! The lighter one ( Hairy?) looks like an Elf. Elf cats, are Sphynxes with curly ears.

I love seeing all of your kitties. I love cats, but am currently catless for the first time in 38 years. I am enjoying yours.

@Hellokitten I have had at least one dog and one cat for over 30 years. Within the last 6 months I lost my sweet Sheltie (16 years old )and my sweet Tabby (13 years old). My husband and I discussed not having any more pets (ha) since the last year was so emotionally hard. I promised him I would wait at least 3 months to grieve and think about it. It was torture for me not having any pets but I did wait and then we did decide to get a kitten, no dog for now. Meet Roxy!


Roxy’s picture didn’t come thru…

Yes, it’s hard to be petless. We’ve reached an age where we feel any pet would likely outlive us. We go to visit our family often and enjoy their pets. I do wish I had my own kitty, though. Maybe I can make friends with a visiting cat.

I know how you feel. We discussed our age too. I’m happy for you that you can enjoy your family’s pets

Can you see the photo now?

Awwww…look at her!

What a cutie! I do miss having kittens. Instead, we get nagged by the Queen of the World and her consort. Sigh. It’s a good thing I’m crazy about them.

It is fun having a kitten. She’s keeping me busy! You should see me trying to crochet when she’s in one of her frisky moods! She usually wins and I have to put the yarn away! She’s growing fast, so I’m enjoying every minute!

Hairy is the dark one. Sausage is the dwarf. He maybe an elf. He’s a spitfire and is 5lb. Very sweet boys.

Just weighed the kitties yesterday…they’re full-grown and little Olga (whose name used to be “Tiny”) is 5.4 lbs. Everything she does is dainty…even when she sneezes! And Nastya is 6.2 lbs. of mischief. They’re not too big, are they?

:smiley::smile::laughing: That’s exactly what she was saying.