The best spinning wheel?

I learned to spin on a Louet S10DT. For me it was the perfect wheel to begin spinning. However, I spin fine and can spin a 3-ply of fingering/DK weight. My problem is that the finished yarn at times has not enough twist or is under-plied. I have high speed bobbins, which helps a little, but I am wondering, whether a different kind of wheel would help to solve the problem. My goal is to be able to spin my homegrown flax without having it falling apart. Question to all of you out there: which spinning wheel do you like best when spinning fine and why?

I am looking forward to your answers and advice!

Hi Gisela, Just curious - how long is your homegrown flax? You have put a lot of work into that project if you raised it yourself. Wow! I have only spindle spun flax roving, with a staple length of about 8-10 inches. While I was not spinning fine, I know it did not take much twist due to the long fibers. But I was moistening it. When I spin wool, I use a Lendrum DT and I have both the regular and the fast flyer, which has ratios of 12:1, 15:1 and 17:1. So far, in spinning singles for a finished fingering weight 3-ply I have not needed those high ratios, and so the wheel is still faster than I need to spin. There is an additional flyer that goes even faster. I love my Lendrum but so far have not tried to spin flax on it though that is in the plan. I also have an antique German flax wheel with its sweet little water vessel perched up on the distaff - so I want to learn to use it. It will be interesting to read the answers you get.

My homegrown flax is just done retting. So the next step is to break it. The plants got about 2-2.5 feet high, but that doesn’t tell anything about the staple length. This is a fascinating project to me and I truly get an appreciation of all the work people did in earlier times do to make their life work. My very optimistic idea is to use the flax/linen and weave one or a pair of dish towels.

What a great goal to have - I love that sort of thing. Have you seen this preview of Norman Kennedy spinning flax?