The Bag Lady Club

My family calls me the Bag Lady.

I love bags – tote bags, re-usable shopping bags, project bags. All of them. I just can’t have enough.

With permission from the owner of Fiberkind, I created this prototype for a fun project bag. It’s roomy with a large pocket on the front with the Fiberkind logo. It’s made from acrylic, so it should last forever. I used a combination of regular crochet & Tunisian simple stitch. Though not exactly what I had in my head at the time, it’s given me a good starting point.

I have such an appreciation for the community we’re growing here at Fiberkind. I’d like to give back to express that appreciation. Regular activity & member submitted content are what encourages our community to grow. Members who express those values are those I want to thank the most. :fk:

[SIZE=14px]In the next day or so, I’ll reveal the next tote, which will be given to a member of this community. It’s been improved from this original design. I want to continue giving for as long as possible. I’ll be making more totes for future giveaways. Subscribe to this thread for notifications.[/SIZE]

To be a part of the “Bag Lady Club”: keep posting & sharing your beautiful creations, mentor our new crafters & pass the word about this fun and caring community.

Totes will be given to members of my choosing based on: (1) # of posts to the site & (2) length of membership to the site.

Unfortunately, the giveaways will be limited to those living in the continental US.

[I]This giveaway is NOT in conjunction with or sponsored by Fiberkind or any of Fiberkind’s advertising affiliates.



@TexasPurl - this is an awesome thing to do for OUR crafting community. FiberKind is full of loving members - I bet it will be very difficult for you to pick the winners of your bags. It would be a blessing to whoever receives them I am sure.

I would say that while the site is not “officially” affiliated with this venture, we are very grateful to have you encourage quality content as you are.


It makes me happy to be a part of our community.

@TexasPurl Fun!! Very kind and generous of you!

@TexasPurl, you really are amazing. What a great idea and the job you do? Fantastic. Thank you!

This is a wonderful community that encourages our talents and gives us an opportunity to expand our talents. The tote is awesome!!

What a wonderful idea! I wish I lived in the US so I could get one, but good luck to everyone else. Maybe you could share a pattern so us non-Americans could have a bash at our own? I love making bags too!

@Lemming13 That’s my plan. I have to finish writing the pattern & I’ll be happy to share!

@TexasPurl - Awesome project! I love the Wine and Granite one too. I love how you did Fiberkind on it. Is that embroidered? You are so generous to make these bags and gift them to Fiberkind members. What a fun way to boost community spirit.

Thanks @lovestostitch - I had the logo professionally digitized so I could use my embroidery machine for the pocket.

It looks great. I especially love the two tone heart.

This is amazing! YOU are amazing!

Beautiful bag.
Such a kind gesture.
Thank you for helping to make this place… a great place.
A fiber filled ‘kind’ place. :fk:

Love this idea and what a great way to encourage content! The bag is absolutely beautiful!

Thank you!

I’m a little late to the bag party but this is just a lovely idea and such a beautiful bag!! :fk:

Yes! Her bags are awesome. :slight_smile:

Thanks y’all! You’re makin’ me blush. :blush: