That was interesting.

Hope ya’ll are okay. Lost you for a while.

Posted the first message at 9:09 pm.

@HeathenamI I could be wrong, but I think that so many people are migrating here that the servers may periodically get overloaded. I had that problem yesterday a few times.

Since I was in the middle of a thunderstorm and have been hearing about storms all over I thought maybe it was because of a storm. At least the site came back fairly quickly.

I also believe from time to time Admin applies updates which makes us disappear. We’re usually back within 10 minutes or so.

I’m hoping we’re here for the long haul! I like this place.

@HeathenamI That could be also. I noticed the site was really slow earlier, so I figured work was being done or there were lots of people using the site…I think about 9.000 at the time. It’s much faster now.

Oh…and I wish we had some rain. We had way way way more than we needed this year, but at least the cloud cover kept temps and heat index down. I’m not loving our excessive heat right now. :slight_smile:

I do agree. Moved to the Smokey Mountains to get away from humidity and this week has been miserable. It is like being in the Tidewater area of VA all over again.

@HeathenamI I get that. Usually by July it’s very dry here…very hot and dry. It’s not so terrible even though I hate the heat because at least the allergens aren’t so bad. However, this year has just been wet. It’s so unpleasant to be outside in that humidity and my allergies have been awful.