Thank You!

To all of you out in FiberKind who served in our Armed Forces or who stood by your beloved spouse or family member while he or she served, please accept my deepest thanks. I am grateful for people like you who made it possible for me, and for my family, to live the life we live.

My father is 92, and served in the Pacific during WWII, mostly after hostilities had ceased. He was in Bikini for the nuclear bomb testing that took place while the peace treaty with Japan was being hashed out. I’m grateful Japan surrendered and boys like Dad were spared.

Beautifully said. My respect and thanks to each and everyone of them.

As the mother of a sailor who served duty on a nuclear arms ship (just in case) during both Gulf Wars I know the angst of those of us who love them.

My sincere gratitude and respect to all veterans and active military. :heart::heart:

Incidentally, my son did not tell me his ship was carrying nuclear war heads until years after he left the service. Is that a good son ? That’s the stuff our military is made of.

Wow–that would be hard to learn, even so long after the fact! So proud of him for being a good soldier!

I am so thankful for the freedoms we enjoy thanks to our military! Hats off to our veterans!

It was hard to hear even after so many years. He kept that time to himself for the most part. He was a good soldier and he is a good son. Thanks for the nice words.

BTW: It shows you how much we don’t know. We had no idea that the US was ready and capable of deploying nuclear war heads during those two wars if we got pushed too hard. This information is not out there for public consumption even now.