Team Fiberkind Chatter

This is a forum for everyone to chatter about your progress or about watching Tour de France. We love pictures and we love spinning chatter. The more the merrier! Let us know how it’s going!

Stage One: Quality spinning time.


Great idea to watch this while spinning! I love your colors.

Hi all - I posted over on the Roving Regulars but wanted to wish everyone happy spinning. I got butterflies thinking about today and I made a bit of progress so all is well.:fk:

Pretty bobbin there!

Finally got my canning done and my Saturday housecleaning done–now it’s time to spin!!!


Yay for a clean house prior to spinning - well done!

Yah, it did cut into my spinning time, but I can relax and enjoy it much better if housework is done! :slight_smile:

Good Morning! Well, it was a good thing yesterday was a SdF Day of Rest, my hands were still sore from the spinning and plying I did the previous few days! I did finally pick up a crochet hook last night and was able to do a few half-hexies. Hands feel good today, so I think the rest did a world of good. Perhaps I need to set a time limit instead of thinking of it as a minimum???
My (over)plied Polwarth


Are you sure it’s overplied ('cause it looks awesome to me!)? Did you wash it yet? Beautiful - it will look great worked up! (I forgot yesterday was a rest day so now I don’t feel so bad about only working on a couple of miscellaneous spinning chores.) I’m glad your hands are up to it today - hope you can resist overdoing it (but that is so hard when you’re having a good time).

Happy Tuesday spinners! As we were discussing What To Watch along the lines of Tour de France, I offer up a different kind of “spinning” and I hope you enjoy this take on it:

That was spectacular! I’m glad they didn’t get run over by the sheep!

I haven’t swatched it, but it is washed. Now I know why people weave…to get rid of their handspun that doesn’t feel wearable!!! :slight_smile:

@PurlgirlButtons I agree - I am shocked at what they did, with only the necessary special equipment. Glad you could watch.

Have you ever tried running it back through the wheel to remove some of the ply twist? I know people who do that all the time and I think I did it once. You have to mount the skein on a swift and then treadle clockwise (if you plied counterclockwise) - of course one would try a little and see if it’s better.