Are there any tatters in here? Needle tatting, shuttle tatting, new tatters, experienced tatters, show us your work, ask questions and share the luv.

I needle and shuttle tat and make bobbin & needle lace

Hi @trailerstash and @AFrayedKnot I asked that question on the old site, I guess our old posts didn’t follow us over here ha ha!
Here are a couple of things I’ve done. I’m sorta of interested in needle tatting, but I love the shuttles so much, I may never get to it :stuck_out_tongue:




@MrsMayaT , yes, and I was hoping to see it posted again, here. The old tatting conversation is on the new site here, but under the “Archived” tab. Lovely work. With my arthritis, I find the needle tatting easier on the hands. Good days and bad days.

I am a self taught tatter (and bobbin lace maker, and weaver, and spinner, and quilter, and seamstress, and… you get the idea). I began with needle tatting and then graduated to shuttles. I taught 3rd & 4th grades in a low income Christian school. We had no budget for art supplies, so I taught them all to needle tat and to do redwork embroidery from my stash.