Taat toe up sock question

I’ve been doing the Turkish cast on,and I really like it but how do l make the toe rounder?mine always have a sort of angular shape to them. Any patterns or ideas?

I’ve been using a great free pattern by Tanja Murray. It’s called Rounded Toe and you can find it at https://theknittingswede.co.uk/myshop/prod_6357427-Rounded-Toe-Free.html. It does two things. It increases more rapidly than the standard wedge toe and it also moves some of the increases farther in from the edge so that you don’t have that straight, angular edge. All the people I’ve made socks for since I discovered that pattern have liked it a lot better than the traditional toe shape. I hope that helps.

Thanks for asking this question and for the great response with the link!. I am a big fan of toe up socks, and I found the technique interesting. I will be trying this method next time I’m casting on for toes.

I just finished knitting the toes for a pair of socks I’m making for the Hound of the Baskervilles Read/Knit along. This is what the rounded toe looks like in the 64 stitch version.


For a more rounded toe I do the following:
After cast on work increases on each end of both the top and bottom of sock until there are 20 sts per needle. Then on the next round begin to alternate a plain round and then an increase round until to you have half the desired st count on each needle.

[SIZE=14px]This is the pattern for round toes that I have used for my TAAT toe up socks for about 8 years:[/SIZE]

That is very useful - thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’m trying this on my next pair.