Sweater neckline issue

I’m knitting a cricket sweater and I reached instructions for the back neckline, which confuse me a little bit. Here’s the pattern excerpt:

Shape neck: Pattern 46 sts, dec, turn and work on these 47 sts only for right side neck.
Right side neck: *** Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 15 rows – 32 sts. Pattern 1 row here on left side neck.
Shape shoulder: Cast off 11 sts at start of next row and following alternate row – 10 sts. Pattern 1 row. Cast off.***
Left side neck: With right side facing, slip centre 36 sts onto a st holder, rejoin yarn to remaining sts and dec, pattern to end – 47 sts.
Work as right side neck from *** to ***, noting variation.

So first thing I’m confused about is the ‘Pattern 1 row here on left side neck.’ line… Should I just go through all stitches after the first decrease; after the 15 rows? I don’t really see how that’s gonna work either.
Secondly, they ask later to slip stiches onto a holder, but then there’s no further instructions about those stitches… Should I just cast them off after I’m done with the left side?

This is only my second time using a knitting pattern so I’m a bit lost! I think this pattern is from Woman’s Weekly Knitting & Crochet Special, but I’m not entirely sure, as I don’t have the full magazine, just this pattern. If someone knows what to do with this, please let me know!


You’re dividing the two shoulders so you’ll only be working with about half of the stitches. The stitches on the holder will be worked later so don’t cast those off. Work 46 in the established pattern, decrease according to the pattern (it should specify somewhere in the pattern) then turn the work and work those 47 stitches from the reverse side. I hope that helps.

Thank you! My confusion with the stitches on the holder comes from the fact, that the instructions for the back end with the excerpt I provided. Then those stitches are never mentioned again, unless I’m missing something…

I thought they would maybe be used again in the neckline but I don’t think so? Here’s the instruction for that, in case I’m misunderstanding something.



Hmm, I don’t know what to say, those stitches should be mentioned again. Is there a way to contact the publisher?

Thank you Shelly, I’ll try that!